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Launched in 2005, Easysite was one of the first fully-functional website building services. "The goal was simple. We want to make it so anyone with little to no computer skills could create their own website. It needed to be quick, fun and simple," explains Steve Sivulka, Easysite's creator. "We looked around and tried everything else out there. Honestly, before Easysite there was no easy way to create your own website," Steve continues. "It's funny, our moms were actually some of our first beta testers. If mom couldn't use it to create a website, we failed."

Over 100,000 sites later, Easysite's enthusiastic customers agree, Easysite is the easy way to create a website. There's no programming, no software or plug-ins to install, no complicated systems, no transferring files, no HTML, CSS, FTP or other complicated acronyms. With Easysite you actually create your website within the website. Your browser is the only tool you need to create a great-looking site.

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In July of 2012 Easysite launched a new and improved version of their service. A complete rewrite of the previous system, the new version combines all the ease of use of the previous version with a suite of new features specifically designed for businesses and organizations.

"It's basically everything you need to have a successful website for your business or organization," Steve explains. "The older version of Easysite was more focused on creating personal or family websites. With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, there's just no market left for that. We had to take a step back and rethink what our focus would be. To our surprise, when we looked at how our existing customers were using the Easysite we found about one third were using it for business purposes (something we had not marketed the system for.) The feedback from customers was pretty unanimous; it's so easy to use that they didn't want to switch to a more complicated tool, even if it had more features." After that realization, it what they needed to do became very clear -- create a new version of Easysite for specifically designed for businesses and organizations.

If you want a amazing-looking website that's easy to update and that will get great results on the search engines like Google, look no further than Easysite.

So what's new with Easysite? First off, it's all about business. Everything was created with businesses in mind. Unlike other services that offer a quick way to create a "brochure" site or a blank website "template," Easysite actually comes with interactive, feature-rich pages that are ready to use. Home page, custom pages, news, online store, blog, message board, calendar, guest book, survey, chat room, contact us form, video chat, video broadcast, files page, links, picture galleries, video pages, audio page are all built in.

Beyond all the great pages, Easysite now comes with an easy-to-use editor that looks and feels just like a word processing program built right into your site. The new editor is simple and intuitive. You can now visually layout text and pictures, change the font and colors, resize items, add hyper-links and much more.

The new version has all new "professional" designs or "looks" to use with your site. The looks are wider and are very professional looking. They're also specifically designed to look great on any screen, from smart phone to a large computer monitor.

Another huge improvement with Easysite is that it was rewritten specifically with search engines in mind. Every page was programmed in such a way that Google and other search engines can easily crawl through and index your pages. What this means to you is when you use Easysite, you'll get better results on the search engine listings and show up higher on the search results pages.

Easysite's picture uploader has been rewritten and improved. Now you can edit your pictures, crop and add captions before you start uploading. The uploader speed has also been improved considerably.

Other Improvements:

  • Over 100 creative and fun fonts to use with your site
  • Higher quality video clips to your site and view videos in full screen playback
  • Improved customization of the home page
  • Integrate social networking pages into your website
  • More options for customizing the header
  • iPhone/iPad/Android Ready -- with Easysite your site is already optimized to look great on the latest mobile devices
  • Live Video Chat Room and Live Streaming Video Broadcast pages
  • Additional administrators
  • List feature to organize your site members and followers
  • Improved online store with shopping cart
  • Improved email blast -- Use Easysite to keep in touch with your customers instead of using a different tool for maintaining contacts and email marketing
  • Improved domain name integration -- use a domain with your Easysite

As always, there's free telephone support and online video tutorials. For a complete list of Easysite's features, visit the Features & Pricing page.

About the Founders

Vacation in Italy Steve Sivulka has been a successful entrepreneur/nerd for over 10 years. He started programming when he was eleven so he could learn how to make video games. His consulting company, Akluvis, boasts a client roster that includes Universal Pictures, The Men's Warehouse, Toyota Motor Corporation and American Honda Motor Company. Steve specializes in website development, software design and web-based training. In 2001 Steve launched StupidVideos.com, an online catalog of humorous video clips. Sold in 2005, StupidVideos had become one of the Internet's most highly trafficked sites with over 200,000 visitors and over 2,000,000 video plays per day.

Steve now works on Easysite and enjoys helping customers create their own websites. Leading the way for do-it-yourself website builders, Easysite is the easy way to create your own website. Easysite has recently been rewritten for businesses and organizations. The newly revised service includes all new tools and features specifically design to give businesses and organizations everything they need to have a great-looking, easy-to-update website that performs well on search engines like Google.

Dianne Sivulka was a middle school educator for over 11 years, teaching English literature and world history. She is now a full-time mom to two young children. Dianne also helps Steve with Easysite by utilizing her organizational and public speaking talents, interfacing with news media and presenting at tradeshows. She currently volunteers in the women's ministries at North Coast Church in Vista, California, where she oversees event/retreat planning, organizes fundraising events for local nonprofits, and emcees the church's weekend services. Dianne also helped start the Pregnancy Resource Center of North County San Diego, a Christian-based center dedicated to educating young women. Always on the go, Dianne recently returned from Rome where she completed her first marathon.

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