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Practically every business is online with a website today. If you don't have a website, your business in effect is hiding from potential customers that are search online for products and services that you offer. This is the reason that Easysite was created. Easysite helps non-technical business owners and administrators get their small business website design online and in front of potential, searching customers. It doesn't matter if your business is just down the street from a customer. If your business isn't online, they still may never find you.

Small Business Website BuilderEasysite offers a small business website builder that's easy and fun to use so you can create a business website. You no longer need to hire a web developer or pay out a lot of money to get a website up and running. It really is that easy. Now there's finally a small business website development that was specifically built with business people in mind. Many find the system as easy as using a word processor. There's no coding or programming involved. As we like to say here at, "If you can use a mouse you can build your own website with Easysite."

Starting your own small business website can be exciting. Too many times though, small business owners find it too difficult or costly to create a business website. There are lots of startup costs associated with starting a new small business. It's important not to skip creating website for your business.

We Put Non-Technical People Just Like You In Charge Of Building Their Own Websites

With Easysite's exclusive and one of a kind website building technology, we put non-technical people in charge of their own websites. The easy website builder comes with many different looks and templates to choose from to use with your own website. It's also easy to add pictures and post the latest news on a custom page. Many pages are pre-built with their own functionality already. For example you can turn on different types of pages such as: message board, calendar, gallery, video, audio, links, files, etc. These pages already have all the popular website feature built into them.

Small Business Website DesignAnother great feature of the website builder is the menu and pages organizer. Changing the order of the pages is as easy as drag and drop. You can also rename a page right within the Site Administrator page. Turning off and on a page is done using a drop down. There's also a "members only" access mode. When a page is set to this mode, only logged in members of a website have access to the page.

Small business websites are the reason Easysite was created. We love to help customers create amazing new websites that are custom made for their needs. Easysite specializes in web design for business and the website design builder makes it simple and fun.

What are you waiting for? Start today and create your own website in a few easy steps. We include eCommerce software in our site builder and its free, this means you can build your own online store and sell items directly from your site. Fill in your details at the bottom of the page and try Easysite free for 30 days, no credit card needed.

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