Why Choose A Free Trial Website Builder To Build Your Website



Choosing the right website building platform for creating your website is important. In this article we will look at why you should use a free trial website builder to build your website.


When it comes to building a website choosing the right website building platform can make all the difference to your sites performance. Some website builders have heavy codes built into their platform making page load times slow due to the scripts in the website builder.


Choosing a website builder that has scripts and unnecessary codes will only delay the loading time of pages on your site. Its a good idea to check a blank page on your website using a website speed test. This way you will be able to see how fast the blank page loads.


If its slow to load it could be because the website builder has loads of scripts. Maybe check yourself by viewing the page source code. You need a website builder that loads fast and does not have unnecessary scripts.


Different Types Of Website Builders

Free Website Builders

You may think why pay when I can get a free website builder and build a website using it. Good Luck. Not many things in this world are free and if it is free its probably got some sort of catch.


The catch with free website builders is that the free version is useless. You will find that a lot of important features are missing and you can only get those features when you upgrade. When you upgrade you need to pay. So if you would like to build a professional website don't use a free website builder as with the free website builder version you can't do much.


Don't waste your time starting with a free website builder. If you want to try the free website builder first find out exactly what features you get with the free version and how much it costs to upgrade before you start to add your content, this may help you save time and money.

Money Back Guarantee Website Builders

While you are looking for a website builder you may find some that offer a money back guarantee. The problem with these type of website builders is that you have to pay first before you can use them. If there is something you do not like about the website builder and would like to cancel you can.


It may take from a few days to a few months to get your money back when you cancel. You also have a set time period to cancel to get a full refund. It always pays to find out all the conditions of the site builder before making any payments.

Website Builders From Hosting Companys

Another way to build a website is to look for a hosting company. Be careful of cheap hosting. Once you find a hosting company and sign up you should get a control panel. You will then have a few options to choose website builders like WordPress, Joomla and others.


The problem is that you have to download and install some of these website builders onto your hosting account. This can be very confusing and frustrating for someone that has never done this, so be warned.

Free Trial Website Builder

Probably one of the best ways to build a website is to use a free trial website builder like Easysite.


A free website builder lets you try before you buy. Take Easysite.com for example. You use the online form to fill in a few details. No credit or bank card details are required. No payment needed. After you have filled in your details you have 30 days to try build a website using all the features.


At any time during the free trial you may make a payment of $19.95 to continue using the service. If you do not make a payment it will cancel itself out after the free trial. After your first payment the monthly cost will be $19.95 - There is no upgrade. This includes a free domain, hosting, website builder, and shopping cart software. Yes Easysite includes shopping cart software with every site, this means you can even open an online store from your website.


Easysite does not have heavy scripts or codes in our website building software. This means that you will have a big advantage over other website builders with heavy scripts. Each page on your Easysite website will load super fast thanks to our no heavy scripts and codes attitude.

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