Why Businesses Need To Have A Website



Building a business website with Easysite. Your business is now to the point where you know you need to create a website, what do you do?  Every business needs a website, but just what is the easiest and least expensive way to start building a business website?  Creating a website can be an overwhelming task.  It can also be a very expensive task.  If you build a website by hiring a web-development company, the cost for your business website can be thousands of dollars. If you use a build-it-yourself system like Easysite, the cost is much more affordable when it comes to building a business website and no waiting for the web guy, you can update your site when ever you want, in the comfort of your home or office.

All you need to start building a business website is a computer, Easysite, and a internet connection.

Which Business Website Builder Is The Best

There are lots of companies that provide a do-it-yourself business website builders. We have taken the time to research all of these sites, such as GoDaddy.com, Web.com, SquareSpace, Wix, etc. These are direct competitors for Easysite so it's important that we understand what the competition is up to.  It's also important for us to make sure that Easysite remains the most user-friendly website creator, while maintaining the most up-to-date features.


If you have tried out the other business website building systems as we have, you will find that most all of them work the same way. You start by picking a website template, then you add in your elements by dragging and dropping items onto your page. Instead of using code you can just drag and drop items. This makes it simple to arrange items.  The down side to most all of these other website building systems, is that they are limited in how they present information and most all of them lack interactive features.

Building Your Business Website With Easysite

In contrast to most all of the other website building systems out there, Easysite's website creator is different.  Other website builders just giving you a template and making you do all of the work.  With Easysite you have functionality that is already built into different types of pages.  For example, if you want to add a message board page to your website, with Easysite you simply turn on the message board page.  Once it's turned on it shows up on your website's top menu and it is live and ready to use.  Best of all, it has all the functionality of a message board build right into the page, including email notifications, message approval, permissions to use, etc.  It's all built into that type of page, the message board page.


building your own business website
Building a business website with Easysite

Now let's say you want to add live video chat when you building a business website. With Easysite you simply turn that page on. What if you want to create your own online store page complete with shopping cart and payment processing. You turn on the store page, add a few items and your done.  It's really that simple. There's no programming, no need to apply for a merchant account, get a secure website certificate, etc. Everything you need to start building a business website is build right into the web site builder.


Maybe you would like to host videos on your site.  You guessed it, simply turn on the videos page. Pictures? Turn on one of the pictures pages.  Guestbook?  You got it.

Building Custom Pages

What about a page that Easysite doesn't offer?  With Easysite, there are also "custom" pages.  These are basically blank sheets of paper (or Word docs) that you can use for just about anything.  With Easysite's built in editor editing a custom page is just as simple as using a Word processing program.


Remember building your website the magic to Easysite is the "easy".  Everything is easy.

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