Starting A Business In San Diego



If you are starting a business in San Diego you will want to let people in the San Diego area know. What better way to let people know about your business with your own website, and today with the help of website builders like Easysite you can save those dollars and create your own website.


Why Start A Business In San Diego


Its important to find a city with a strong economy and that has a diverse population. San Diego is the ideal place to start a business. It has the perfect climate and mix of high-tech industry and recreational assets which is ideal for new business start-ups.


People And Business Friendly


The people of San Diego are friendly and its a great place to live and have a business.  We even have our web design company in San Diego. The city encourages new business growth by implementing good government practices toward businesses while creating specific economic development programs. There is a well-maintained infrastructure and a healthy and safe environment.


Good Government Practices


Good government practices are great for new business as this can help your new business become more successful. There are some great business assistance programs, available that help to cut the costs, they are very business friendly and show you how to plan your business website. The economy is prospering and this may also be good government practices and the City's commitment to develop the regional economy and improve the quality of life.

 5 Key Steps To Start A Business

Here are 5 key steps to help you start your business in the City of San Diego. These steps may be different depending on the type of business you may wish to start. This is just a guideline with helpful resources to other websites with lots more helpful information on starting a business in the City of San Diego.


City of San Diego Public Library
City of San Diego Public Library


1. City Of San Diego Public Library


The City of San Diego Public Library is a good place to start and get some basic information. Visit their website





Select a site and determine zoning
Select a site and determine zoning


2. Select A Site And Determine Zoning


Select a site in the City and find out if you its zoned for the type of business you wish to start.


Find out more




Get a free domain name with Easysite
Get a free domain name with Easysite


3. Determine A Business Name


Determine a Business Name and register at County of San Diego, Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk’s Office. Next secure your domain name for your business by signing up to Easysite. This will ensure that when you are ready to create a mobile friendly website you will have your website address, hosting and web site builder.



Start to plan your business
Start to plan your business


4. Create A Business Plan


Create a business plan of how you are going to set-up your new business. You can get lots of help and good advice from these sources:



Save money and design your own business website
Save money and design your own business website


5. Learn How To Create Your Own Website


Web development has changed so much. In the old days it was not possible to create your own website unless you new web design coding. You would have to get a web design company to build a website. Now in 2017 you have web site builders like Easysite that you can use. This means that you can now build a website in the comfort of your home or office for a fraction on the cost. No coding knowledge needed. Easysite gives you a free domain, reliable fast hosting, shopping cart software, site builder and top level support from a great team when you need it.


CALL:(877) 832-7974 or Email


Tell The World About Your Business

You will need a business website to tell all the people about your business. You need to be able to add content and update your site when you want. Start a blog and get people that are interested in your blog to subscribe. That way every-time you publish new content they will be notified. You can also do an email blast of the latest news.

Start Creating Your Own Website With Easysite





Start for free. We invite you to try develop and design your own website using Easysite. Go to the bottom of this page. Fill in the required details on the form. Then click the get started button. You are now in the back-end of your Easysite builder and can edit your new site. Choose your mobile friendly template and start adding content. From the time you sign up you will have 30 days to create a website. No credit or bank card details required. Looking for a web design company in San Diego give us a call: (877) 832-7974

Watch a video on how to create a website using Easysite




As part of our package we offer a sub domain name as soon as you sign-up. This is used for your 30 day trial. As soon as you make a payment we offer you a free domain name of your choice. Each year we will renew your free domain name at our cost.


Note: If you create a website using Easysite and later decide to leave we will transfer your domain name to a domain registrar of your choice for free.




What is website hosting? When you build a website the website files that are created need to be stored on computers that are connected to the internet. When you create a website using Easysite our site builder does this for you. Visitors that visit your website on the internet can then see those pages that have been stored in the form of web pages. Our hosting package is reliable and fast loading. You may pay a little more than other hosting company's but the best usually does cost a little more.




When you create a website using Easysite you get a eCommerce shopping cart and payment system included for free. This is ideal as it won't cost you any extra if you want to start selling from your website. Every Easysite includes a free store page. There is no limit sell 10 items or 10 000 items the price is the same.




Our web site builder has been designed by experts. Finding a web design company to build a website is not necessary when you build a website using Easysite. Starting a business website has never been easier. We invite you to try make a website using our web site builder free for 30 days. No credit or money card required.







If you starting a business in San Diego do your homework. Plan your business get all the necessary permissions and permits before you open. Build and advertise your business on your own Easysite website. Remember the business man that didn't advertise eventually had to advertise his business was for sale. If you have any web design related questions please call: (877) 832-7974 or email for some good free advice.

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