New Easysite Professional Business Website Creator Released



And they said it couldn't be done. Easysite just got even easier. Easysite has just released the new and improved version of their service, try our business website creator. Specifically for business and organizations that want a great-looking, easy-to-update website that will get amazing results on the search engines, Easysite has done it again.

"I couldn't be happier with the new version. It's really pretty amazing," says Steve Sivulka, Easysite's founder. "After thinking long and hard about how to improve an already great product, we decided to focus our attention on businesses and organizations. We took all of the ease-of-use of the current service and added in everything that a business or organization needs to have a successful website."

Do-It-Yourself Website Building Service

Launched in July of 2012, Easysite has set its sights on becoming the leading provider of do-it-yourself website building services for businesses. The new service boasts improved performance and design. "It was basically a complete rewrite. Honestly, Google rules the world right now. We rewrote every bit of the new version of the service with Google in mind," continues Sivulka. The end result of Easysite's development is a greatly improved service that will help small business owners conquer the ever-important ongoing battle to acquire top placement on the search engine results pages.

The new version is very much up to date with what looks good and is in style on the web today. All the looks are completely new professional designs. They are wider and fill more of the screen, yet sites will still look great on the latest mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices.


New And Improved Website Creator Makes It Easy


Another key feature of the new and improved Easysite is the editor piece. Easysite's built-in editor is like having a word processor and publishing tool built right into your site. It looks and feels just like a word processor and is that easy to use. Easily layout text and picture, change the font, sizing, colors and more.

Speaking of fonts, the new version of Easysite has over 100 font choices built right into the site. These are fun and creative fonts that can be used throughout the site. Utilizing new technology, the new font choices are used with real text on your site. This means that search engines will have no problem reading your site. No more putting custom fonts into JPEGs, which is useless for search engines.


More Pages, Live Video Chat, Faster Picture Uploader And Lots More


Did we mention more pages yet? The new service offers even more pages. We now give you 10 custom pages (formerly known as "free" pages) as well as five "multi-pages." (Think custom pages with as many sub-pages as you want.) Also include in the new line up are Live Video Chat as well as Live Streaming Video Broadcast pages. There are also extra picture and video pages for good measure.

The image uploader has also been improved. Picture uploading is faster and better with the new version. You can actually edit, crop, adjust and add captions to picture all before you even start the upload procedure. You're pictures will look better and upload faster.

HD video clip support also made its way into the mix. Now you can upload high definition video clips and view them at full-screen right within the site. The new player utilizes your browser's latest video technology for playback.


Lots More Control Of Your Layout


The home page has also gotten a make-over. Now you have a lot more control over the layout as well as the selected items to display on your site's home page. And as always, the home page is automatically kept up to date with the updates posted to the site.

There's now even more integration with your favorite social networking sites. Add Facebook Like buttons throughout the site, add a button to your twitter page, YouTube channel and more.


Lots Of Options To Update Your Sites Header From The Site Admin Page


You now have more options for updating your sites header. Enter a title, subtitle and addition header text from the Site Admin page. You can even create your own custom header that will automatically expand the site to accommodate the sizing.

More integration with Google Analytics gives you more insight into who is visiting your site, how long they're hanging around, which pages they are visiting more and much more.

Additional administrator accounts can be created. This lets you have other people completely control your site without having to share your own login or password.


New Improved Formatting For Our Online Store


Easysite online store has new improved formatting. It also welcomes the addition of custom reviews as well as a rating system into your online store. Now you have the option to get user feedback on the items you're selling and optionally make these reviews available for other customers to read.

The improvements also found their way into the Email Blast feature. Having people sign up as a follower to your site is a great way to start to create an email list for your company. Once you have a customer list, use the improved Email Blast page to send out important announcements as well as special sales and coupons. These keep your customers engaged and active.

Easysite also added the ability to create drop-down menus from the top menu of your site. This lets you group menu items under a main menu to keep your top menu organized and neat.

That's the overview of all the latest features that have been added to the new and improved business website building service offered by Easysite. As always, Easysite still picks up their phone and loves to talk to their customers. Free telephone and email support has always been a signature service and key differentiator of Easysite.

Sign up today to try Easysite for free. We think you'll agree that it's pretty cool stuff. Also if you have any questions or need help, please call us at 877 832-7974 or send us an email at

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