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Get a website builder, hosting, and free domain when you sign up and create a website using Easysite. You get all the features needed to build a website all in one place.


You may have decided its time to make your own website for your business and get your business online. Even if you have never made a website its now possible for you to create a website in the comfort of your home or office.


What will you need? A computer, internet connection, website builder, hosting, a domain and some free time. You will also need lots of great content and pictures. Not for getting a few dollars a month.


Content is king. The more fresh unique content your site has the better. Once you have built your site with lots of great content and pictures you should have a blog. You should add blog posts every few days. This will keep your site fresh. Search engines like Google love a site that is getting new content daily. So will your subscribers.


Always create interesting topics that relate to the topic of the website. Use unique content. Never copy from other websites. Google has already indexed that content and will punish your site if you just copy content from other sites.


Keep blog posts over 800 words. The more words the better. Also share content from your site on social media platforms once published. This will boost visitors to your website via social media. Other people on your social media could also share the content getting you even more business to your site.

Where Do I Put My Content

Next you will want to know how and where your content goes. You need a way to store your content on banks of computers that are always connected to the internet. That way when someone with a computer or mobile device and internet connection wants to see your content they can.


You can connect to a bunch of computers which are connected to the internet when you get hosting. Most hosting company's or website builders that are connected to the internet will also give you a free domain name.


When you sign up and make a website using Easysite you get a website builder hosting and free domain.


Easysite is designed by a web development team that wanted to make it affordable and easy for anyone to create a website. They decided to let anyone sign up and build a website for free using their website builder software.


They did this by allowing people just like you free use of their site builder for 30 days. No credit or bank card needed. This means that when you sign up for free you get to try all the features Easysite has to offer free for 30 days. You get to try build a website and see if Easysite is right for you.


What a great way to try Easysite. You get all the tools, and help to make the perfect website. An easy to use website builder, fast reliable hosting a free domain name for life, included free shopping cart software.


Selling stuff for your Easysite website won't cost you any more. All our websites include a free store that's easy to use and update. You will be amazed at how quick and easy you can add products to your own online store.

Try It Free

Click here to sign up now or scroll down to our sign up form below and start creating your website with our website builder.


Remember we don't need any money. From the time you sign up you have 30 days to try our website builder and make your own website.

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