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So what's new in Easysite's Professional level? Easysite has been completely rewritten from the ground up to simply be the easiest way to create a website. Specifically designed with businesses and organizations in mind, the new and improved version of Easysite is our easiest tool yet for creating your own website. With great new features such as new business website templates, search engine optimization for Google and other search engines, a rich text editor and social networking integration Easysite has really progressed to become a top contender for website creation within the competitive do-it-yourself website creation market. Here's a listing of the top new features in Easysite's business website building system.


Current Easysite Customers: You can upgrade to the Professional level using the Site Admin > Site Payment section of your site. (Everything will transfer from your current site.)


Easy-to-Use Word Processing Editor


With the Professional level you can update your pages as easily as using a word processor right within the site. See your changes as you edit. Change the font, color, background, sizes, alignment also easily drop in pictures, links and much more.

All New Looks with Wider Layouts


All the looks to choose from in the Professional level are new. Up to date website sizing has been implemented so your site will look great on any screen. The new level is wider and takes up more screen space.

Higher Placement on Search Engines - Better Search Results


Every page on the Professional level was created for search engines (like Google) to be able to find and index. What this means to you is your site will get higher and more accurate listings on the search engine results pages.

A Free Domain Name!


That's right. Every Professional level Easysite comes with a free domain name after your initial site payment. Pick your own domain name right within the Site Admin page of your site.

More Custom Pages


You asked, we delivered. The Professional version has a lot more pages including: 10 free/custom pages, five new "multi" page (think free pages with sub-pages), five picture pages, two video pages and even your own video chatroom.

More Powerful, Faster Image Editing and Uploading


The Professional level's image uploader/editor has been overhauled for faster performance and more power. Edit, crop and even add captions to your pictures before you start uploading! With our new technology, your images will look better and post faster. (Plus, no additional controls or installations required!)

More Font and Color Choices


You can now choose from 100 different fonts for your website. Also pick the colors for your fonts.  The Professional version of Easysite lets you access great looking and creative fonts.

HD Video Support with Full-Screen Viewing


Post larger, high definition video clips on your easysite that play back in full-screen. With the Professional level you also add videos to your pictures pages to keep everything in one spot.

More Customizable Home Page


With the Professional level you now have more options for customizing your home page. Choose a layout and what items will be displayed. With Easysite your home page is always up to date.

Social Networking Integration


The Profession level provides more integration with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, You Tube and Google Plus. Easily link to your Facebook or Twitter page. There's even an option to put "like" buttons throughout your site.

Pinterest Pin-It Buttons


Easily turn on Pinterest Pin-It buttons throughout your site on your pictures and store page. Add a Pinterest social button to link to your Pinterest page.

More Header Customization Options


With the Professional level, enter the title, sub-title and even additional heading text for your site. You can also upload your own custom header and take up more room for the header.

iPhone/iPad/Android Ready


Every Professional level Easysite is ready to be viewed on all of today's popular smart phones. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. With the Professional level, your site is ready.

Live Video Chat and Video Broadcast Pages


Now you can create your own video chat room or live streaming video broadcasts right within your site. Live video conference with your coworkers and friends. Meet potential customers in an online face to face meeting. Broadcast an important business meeting to employees working remotely.

Google Analytics Integration


Want to find out as much as possible about visitors to your site, where they came from, how long they spent on each page? Professional level has been designed to seemlessly integrate with Google Analytics to give you all the information about your site visits in an easy to use format.

Additional Administrators


Now you can have up to five site administrators for your site. This features allows you to let other people complete control of your site.

Home Page Banners


Now you can add up to six home page banners to rotate through on top of your home page. Easily assign links to the banners also.

Create Email Lists to Organize Members and Followers


Now you can create lists of your members and followers. After you have organized your members and followers into lists, you can easily assign calendar event reminder to the right people. Also share items and send out email blast to your specific lists.

Improved Online Store


Easysite's Professional level store page adds online reviews and ratings to the items you're selling. Even easier to use, the online store page is the easiest way to start selling your items online today.

Drop Down Shopping Cart


Now when visitors add items to their shopping carts they will be presented with an easy-to-use drop down shopping cart.

Improved Email Blast


Want to send out a weekly email special to promote your business? Have a special announcement or invitation that you want to sent out? Easysite's improved email blast feature lets you easily create professional looking emails to keep in touch with your customers.

Drop Down Menus


With the Professional level you can now easily create and group your pages into drop down menus.

Improved Wallpaper


Assign your own picture as the background for your website. Select the size of the background picture as well as the way it will repeat and the opacity of the overlay.

Picture Start Page Styles


Choose a start page style for your picture pages. Display albums in stacks, grid or list views.

RSS Feeds


Your Blog and News pages now have RSS feeds built in. This lets people subscribe to these pages for easy access within their RSS reader.

Online Video Help Tutorials


Watch and learn with Easysite's quick and easy online help videos. Videos cover all the basics to create your website quickly and easily.

Advanced Features for Web Programmers


If you're comfortable with website programming, you can now add JavaScript and CSS. Also, upload custom files.


As always, there's no additional software to install and learn, no programming required and of course free telephone and email support are included. Try the Professional level now by clicking the Sign Up link above.


Current Easysite Customers: You can upgrade to the Professional level using the Site Admin > Site Payment section of your site. (Everything will transfer from your current site.)


Call us if you have any questions at 877 832-7974 or email us at help@easysite.com

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