Easysite Now Makes It Easy To Create A Responsive Website



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Easysite makes it easy to create a responsive website design
Responsive website design, Easysite has recently updated its website building system to create responsive website design websites that look great on mobile devices.  "Business owners are aware of the rise in the number of people using their phones and tablets to visit websites.  They know that if their websites don't look good or work well on a mobile device, they could be losing customers" explains Steve Sivulka, creator of Easysite.com.  "It's no secret that more and more people depend on their phone to find products and services online. Because of this, Easysite made the decision to add responsiveness to every Professional level website created with the Easysite Website Building system. Responsive website design ensures that websites created using Easysite will look great on any size screen and work well on any device," Steve continues.  "Easysite has done the hard work to make sure that websites created using the website builder work well and look great on iPhones, iPads, tablets as well as Android phones and tablets."

The Need To Create A Mobile Application Is Decreased Think Responsive Website Design

When your website for your business is built from the ground up to be responsive, the need to create a mobile application is greatly decreased.  Business owners seem to be shifting away from the knee-jerk reaction of creating mobile applications for their products or services.  Creating a mobile application can be a costly undertaking.  Hiring a good app developer is expensive and time consuming.  Even after you create an app, it needs to be placed into the app marketplaces and found by end users.  The current shift seems to be away from developing mobile applications and more towards developing a responsive website.  Every phone and tablet already has a great browser on it.  These browsers are the most used piece of software on the device.  When people search using their mobile device, it just makes sense to have a website that is ready to be viewed on that device.

Websites created with Easysite no have programming built-in to detect what type of device is being used to access the website.  Once the Website built with Easysite determines that the visitor is using device is a mobile device or even that the screen size is small compared to a desktop computer or laptop, the switch is set and the mobile version of the website is rendered for the website visitor to see and interact with.

As you can see, the mobile version is not just smaller for the device screen, it's also very functional.  The top navigation menu disappears and makes way for the now industry standard menu button.  Once the menu button is selected, the visitor is presented with a side list of page links for the website.  These include the bottom links as well.

What about the ecommerce website that you can build using Easysite's ecommerce web design software? Yes even your ecommerce website design will be responsive and look great on iPhones, iPads, tablets as well as Android phones and tablets. Visitors will be able to purchase goods from your site no matter what device they are on.

Another important feature is the new shopping cart button that will appear at the top of every site that has an online store page built with Easysite.  This button makes it easy and convenient to access the shopping cart and to initiate a payment from the site.

Elements on the page are automatically shifted around and organized depending on the screen space.  A top bar has also been added that contains the title of the current page.  This top bar is fixed at the top so it's always there and it doesn't go away when the user scrolls down the page.

All these new responsive website design features make Easysite an even more compelling web design tool to use to create a website with, if you have a business and don't have a website you are crazy. Learn how to create a website for business with Easysite, its one of the easiest ways to build your own website you can even try it free for 30 days.

Are you in business? No time to learn how to create a website for business then why not let the experts at Easysite build your site for you. Supply the content and in a few days your new site will be ready. Your site will be set up by experts this means your on page SEO will work for the targated keywords of the page getting more traffic. All you have to do is update your site with a few new pages every month, sounds great contact us to find out more.

Easysite makes it easy to build a website that not only works but has a responsive website design so your site looks good no matter what device your visitor is using.

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