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Ecommerce website design create a beautiful, customized online store in a few easy steps with Easysite, sell items directly from your website. It's amazing how many people don't know how to sell items online by creating their own ecommerce website.  E-Commerce is just a fancy term for having the ability to sell items from your own website.  This includes having a shopping cart and checkout (payment) features.  The shopping cart part collects a customer's order, lets them change the amounts and also remove items that they no longer want to order.  It really is like a physical shopping cart that would be used at a local grocery store.  The items in the cart aren't purchased yet, the customer is just keeping them there with the intention of purchasing.  The checkout feature is used to process the transaction and pay for the items in the shopping cart.

Once people make a purchase they should receive an email as a receipt of purchase to let them know you have received their order and that their items will be shipped out soon.  It also provides the customer with a confirmation of the order that includes the items ordered, amounts, taxes, ship-to address, etc.

ecommerce website design Example
Ecommerce website design Example
Having all of this shopping cart/ecommerce functionality built into your own website can seem like an overwhelming task, but it really doesn't have to be.  With newer website building tools, like Easysite, all the functionality to create an online store complete with shopping cart and checkout is built right into the ecommerce website design.  What this means to the user is that they now have the ability to create and manage their own online store without having to know how to program a website, interface with a payment processor, know how to talk to a database or generate email receipts for online orders.  All the work has already been done for you with new website builders.

With Easysite, we guarantee that setting up your online store within your new ecommerce website design will be a simple, fun and painless experience.  It's really that easy to use.  If you find an easier solution for creating your own website with an online store, simply let us know so we can offer a refund.  How can we make this claim?  We have already independently evaluated all of the other popular website building tools that are out there.  No one even comes close to how easy and nice-looking your online store will be within a website built with Easysite.  In fact, no one can offer as many ecommerce website design features, along with high-quality customer support with a cost as low as Easysite.

design your own online store
Online Shopping Cart
Recently, Easysite has raised the bar higher in the do-it-yourself website development arena with e-commerce by introducing new features into the online store page that is included with every professional level website.  Starting on January 1st of 2014, Easysite now allows up to 25 pictures per store item and up to 25 choices per option. 

We recently helped a customer with their sport fishing e-commerce website.  Some of the lures that the business sold could come in 20 or more different colors.  With these new features, the website could show host a different picture for each of the colors.  These pictures can also be synced with the options for the item so that when the visitor to the site selects the "sky blue" color from the list of options, the "sky blue" picture will be displayed for that item.

Also, new as of 2014 is the ability to add your own coupon codes to your online store.  This is a great feature that lets our users offer website visitors to an online store, an incentive to purchase right away.  To use this feature, simply enter a coupon code into the site and list the amount off for the offer.  This amount can be a percentage or a dollar amount off of an entire order.  Entering a minimum amount for the shopping cart total is also an option.  For example you could offer a 10% off your entire online order or $5 off of any order that is $30 or more in total.

Create a Promotion Code for Online Store
Create a Promotion Code for Online Store
Another new feature with the e-commerce website building system is online reviews.  With this feature you can collect online product reviews from your customers and also have them rank the products using a star system.  Once a user posts an online review and ranks a product, the online review and the rank will be available for other customers to see.  The ranking of the product will display in a 5-star format above the item.  An option is also available that lets the website owner preview and approve online reviews before the review is live on the online store page.  This lets website administrators confirm that reviews are legitimate and are not spam.

So really, how easy is it to create your own online e-commerce website?  There's a reason it's called "easy" site.  There's no coding and no complicated systems.  As always, there's free telephone support and a help section with step-by-step video tutorials.

One of the most important things to remember when creating your own online store to sell items is the SEO for the pages and items in your store.  SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  This is just a fancy term for how well your website pages are setup and ready for search engines, like Google, to look through and figure out what products your offer.  Setting up your online store pages just the way that search engines want them is very important, but unfortunately is often overlooked by people when they are creating their own websites.  So, no matter what system you use to create an online store, or e-commerce website, remember to look at your page the way that search engines will.  Here's the basics, have friendly URLs.  That means have readable links for your pages, for example: www.your-ecommerce-website.com/store/grey-pearl-neckace.  Next, have your pages in HTML that is structured in away so that search engines can easily find the information contained in your pages.  Also, be sure that the pages for the online store have meta-tags that are filled in and descriptive.

Another thing to consider with creating an online e-commerce website with shopping cart is how quickly you can get the website up and running.  With Easysite, you simply enter your email address that you use with your PayPal account and you're ready to go.  It's really that simple.  Within minutes you will have your own online store that's ready to go.  With other website systems, you might need to apply for a merchant account, purchase and install a secure certificate, write server code to talk to a payment processor, etc.  All of that can take weeks or even months to accomplish.  Really that's time that would be better spent selling items with an online store. 

Lastly, unlike other do-it-yourself websites systems, Easysite does not take any transaction fees from placed orders.

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