What Are Landing Pages And How To Create Them



So you have created a website and would like to know what are landing pages and how do you create them. Landing pages are pages created to attract the attention of your visitor.


If you market your products online the correct way you could get a big boost in sales and customers. Having people sign up and purchase your products or join your email listings is why you are in business. You need be sure that you have a powerful marketing strategy that captures your branding message perfectly and integrates several techniques for promoting it.


One of the most effective tools is to create landing pages that get straight to the point and let your visitors know exactly what you are promoting on your site. Its a powerful marketing strategy that captures your branding message perfectly and integrates several techniques for promoting it.


A lot of small business owners sometimes think that after they create a website, they don't need to create landing pages as they are not relevant. They couldn't be more wrong. Think of landing pages as a page that helps create more leads/sales in a simple and targeted way.


Lets find out more how landing pages work and how you can use them to your advantage.

Introduction To Landing Pages

When you create a website you have pages and blog posts. Pages are created to inform visitors about your business. Blog posts are used in a way to keep adding new content to your site with relevant information. Keeping a blog and adding new content weekly keeps Google and your visitors interested.


So why have landing pages? Landing pages are built to promote a defined goal. They should be to the point and allow a direct purchase of products or give visitors an option to communicate with you, landing pages focus on a single aspect and encourage visitors to take a specific action.


You need a specific goal in mind when you build a landing page. What are you trying to achieve? Are you interested in gathering contact information for leads? Are you offering a unique sale? Landing pages should not have loads of links, you should only have a sign up form or a link to purchase the product.


A landing page is exactly that – one single page. No need for a navigation menu because your visitors won’t have anywhere to navigate to. You can use anchors of course, but keep in mind: the simpler the better.

The Promote A Product Landing Page

The promote a product landing page is used to grab your attention, promote a specific piece of content and then lead them further into your full website, or to your affiliate sign up link. The promote a product landing pages goal is to get your clients (and potential clients) excited about a new cool product, a special deal or sign up on your affiliate link.

The Form Landing Page

The form landing page is used to collect information about your visitor that you can later convert into leads. The page will include a form that visitors fill in and you get their contact details. Later you can add them to your news letters, offer them discounts, and try to sell products to them.

Create Your Landing Page Using Easysite

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