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Update the Header of a Website. The header is the top area of a website that is available on every page of a site. It usually contains the title of the site, contact info, social buttons and a company logo. It also contains the navigation menu of a website.


An important thing to remember about the header area of a website, is that it is displaying the information that is always available throughout the site. That is, from any page this information is visible to the user. Also the controls and buttons in this section are always available.


Because the header is so prominent it is very important to have this section look good. The header sets the tone for the rest of the website. Because of this, many business websites will have the business logo located in the header as well.

Step By Step Instructions On How You Set Up The Header On Your Easysite Website

To update the header of a website, log into the website then go to the Site Admin page of the website.  The first section of the Site Admin page is the Site Options tab. Within the section of the site you can update your site's header information. There are fields that are used to enter the main site title as well as additional header text.

Website Header Update Fields
Website Header Update Fields

New Information Is Updated On Your Easysite Webpage As You Enter It And Then Saved

The new information is updated in the header as you enter it and saved to the site. Any visitors to the site will see this new header information as soon as you have finished inputting it. Notice that if you enter an email address into the header using the additional header text entry, the email address will automatically become a clickable link.


business web site builder
Business web site builder

Change Font Styles And Make Your Text Any Size

Use the "Fonts" tab to change the font styles used in the header.  The "Header Title" font selector is used for the main/larger text or the title for the website.  "Header Subtitle" font selector is for the text line that appears underneath the main website title.  "Additional Header Text" font selector is used for the third text area that appears in the header.


Use the "Social Buttons" tab to assign social buttons to the site header. These little buttons are used to direct your website visitors to all of your social media pages which let you engage your visitors even more.


Watch this video to see how to update the header of a website:


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