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If you would like to know how to start an online store and sell your merchandise online then you should sign up and try Easysite. We have made our Ecommerce website builder just for you. Why start an online store using Easysite?


Easysite has been designed for the person that knows nothing about web design or web development. You don't need to learn HTML or CSS coding. If you have something to sell, and don't know how to get a domain name, or don't know about hosting. Have no idea what HTML is and want to sell something online then you need to sign up to Easysite and try our Ecommerce website builder out free for 30 days and see if its right for you.

You Get All This And More When You Sign Up



You can add a domain name you already own or take advantage and get a free domain for life. Don't worry when it comes to renewal time we will renew your domain for free as long as you are still with us. And if you decide to leave us we won't  charge you for your domain and will register your domain with a domain registrar of your choice for free. 




From the moment your site is live on the internet our fast reliable hosting loads your web pages in super quick time. This means that visitors and potential customers that browse your online store won't have to wait to see your products that you are selling. It does not matter how many visitors or how busy your site gets you won't have to upgrade your hosting. Unlike other Ecommerce website builders that require you to spend more and upgrade your hosting package when your site gets busy, you are already on the best hosting package we have to offer. So no upgrade required, this means no extra to pay when your site gets busy.




You get the best Ecommerce website builder to start an online store with. Lets see how easy it is to start an online store. To show you how easy our Ecommerce website builder is these are the steps to add a T-Shirt to your store page:


Go to the store page. Start by adding your PayPal email address in the box.


Picture: How To Add Your PayPal Details To Start An Online Store
Picture: How To Add Your PayPal Details To Start An Online Store


Then add a new department to your store page in this case T-Shirts. Then click ok.


Picture: How To Add A Department To Your Online Store
Picture: How To Add A Department To Your Online Store


Next click the add item under T-Shirts.


Picture: The Department Has Been Created
Picture: The Department Has Been Created


And you will see a pop up that looks like the below picture.


Now You Can Add The Price, Description, Pictures And Other Details
Picture: Now You Can Add The Price, Description, Pictures And Other Details


Now in the box that's marked item name put the name of the item. Add the price of the item and add a description, then add your images. You can use the additional option button to add more options like the size and color for example. Once done click ok.


As you can see creating an online store with Easysite is easy. The Ecommerce website builder has been designed to make building an online store a piece of cake.

You Will Never Have To Up Grade No Matter How Many Items You Add To Your Online Store Or How Many Pages You Build

We have one fixed price. With Easysite you know exactly where you are when you create a website with us. Some Ecommerce website builders only allow you to sell 20 items. If you want to sell more you are required to upgrade costing you more.


Start an online store and only pay $19.95/month - Sell 10 items or 10,000 items - Build 10 pages or 1000+ pages the price is the same $19.95/monthly.

How Does It Work

As you can see its easy to add your products and start an online store using Easysite. It works like this:


Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the sign up form. Fill in your details, please make sure they are correct then press the blue get started button.


You now have 30 days to try all the features on our site builder and create a website or create an online store. To get started login and click the site admin button, you are now in the back end of the site builder. From here you will be able to:


The Back-End Of The Website Builder
Picture: The Back-End Of The Website Builder




To change the look of your website click on the change the look of your site button. Select the new template you would like to use by clicking on it. You will now notice your theme has been changed. All themes are free. Any content you already have on your site will be saved to the new theme.




Change your site title to the title you want. Add a additional subtitle and more header text while you are still on the site options page. 





To change your fonts click on the fonts button. Here you will be able to change the font size and color on your header title, header subtitle, and other text on your online store.




Again is just so easy to add your social buttons when you are creating an online store. Click the social buttons button and add the URL of the social network you wish to display to the corresponding button.


You can also have the Facebook like button on each page of your site just tick the Facebook like button box.





Your site pages and menu are controlled by the pages tab. The first thing you should do is turn off the pages you are not going to use.





You may want to add another admin to your site, or possible members or followers use the users button. With a few clicks its easy to add or remove admins, members and followers. Members of your website can login and access only members pages. Followers will only receive email notifications or email blasts.



When you start to create an online store using the site builder, each time you edit your site you will notice the word help in brackets. Click on the word (help) and a short helpful video will pop up for the section you are editing. This video will help and guide you if you are unsure what to do next or do not understand something.


We are here to help you and offer free phone support should you need it. All you have to do is ask and one of our support team will give you a call back and guide you step-by-step on the correct way to set up your new website or show you how to start an online store.


After the 30 day trial period or anytime during the trial period you may make a payment and claim your free domain.

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