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Posting pictures to a website is now a simple and easy process. These days, modern website builders offer many tools that you can use to post pictures to a site. Some site builders have the picture controls that are needed to post pictures built right into the website. A picture upload tool will allow you to select multiple picture files at the same time to post. The types of picture files should include JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. These are common file formats for pictures. JPG is the most common photo file format. JPG (or JPEG) files are also the most common format that are produced by digital cameras as well as smart phones.


JPG files use a special compression algorithm. This keeps the files size small, while keeping the quality of the photo high. More compression results in smaller file sizes and lower quality pictures.  Less compression results in larger file sizes and higher quality pictures.

Easysite's Built In Image Uploader Makes It Easy You Can Edit And Upload More Than One Image

Easysite's picture page has a built-in picture uploader that lets you batch upload pictures. Before pictures are uploaded you can edit them within the browser. This saves time when creating a website, since you don't have to upload pictures before you can edit them. 

Follow Our Step By Step Instructions On How To Post Pictures On Your Easysite Web Site

To post pictures, navigate to one of your picture pages and click the "Add Album" link to add a new album. 


post images on your site using easysite's web site builder
Post images on your site using easysite's web site builder


Now click the "Add Pictures" link for that album. 


web site builder
Web site builder

Use This Drop-Down To Change The Preview Mode

From the "Add Pictures" dialog, click the "Select pictures to upload" button.  (Use this drop-down to change the preview mode.)  To multi-select pictures hold your control or command key down while selecting.  When you're finished selecting pictures you want to post, click the "Open" button to be returned to the picture upload dialog. 


use the image editor and edit images on your site
Use the image editor to edit images on your site


Now in the picture upload dialog, you can edit your pictures by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, add captions, rotate and crop.  All of the editing can be done before you begin the upload process to the website. When you're finished with your edits, click the "Upload" button to post the pictures to your site.


Watch this video to see how to post pictures to a website:


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