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Post News onto a Website. It's important to keep a business website up to date with the latest news and information about your business. This keeps the site fresh with new content. This is important not only to give your website visitors a reason to keep coming back.  It is also beneficial for your search engine rankings. When you keep your professional website updated, you will get better search engine results.


Keep in mind that in order to get good rankings with search engines like Google, you want to keep the site updated on a regular basis. Also, the news articles that you post should be related to your business. Write about what you know and post news that you think will be interesting for the visitors to your website to read. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you might want to write about the locations that you service. You can also write about the most recent property you sold. Or write about best practices when representing a seller or even current real estate laws, etc. The more high-quality news articles that you post, the move valuable your website becomes.

Follow These Step By Step Instructions For Posting News On Your Easysite Website

To post a news item, go to your news page and click the "Add Entry" link. 


post news onto a website
Post news onto a website


Add a title for your news item.  Now add some text. 


add a title to your news item
Add a title to your news item


The editor acts like a word processing program. You can embolden the text, change the size and select colors right within the editor. You can also add pictures to your news entry.


To add a picture to the news article, put the cursor where you would like the picture to appear.  Next, select the add picture button and select one of the options to either, upload a picture from your computer or use a picture that you already have posted to the website. Most of the time, you will use the "Add picture from my computer" option. Use "Add picture already on my site" option if you have already uploaded the picture to one of the picture pages on your website.


add pictures to your articles
Add pictures to your articles


Within the picture selector, you can edit the picture by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation.  You can also crop, rotate and add a caption. When you're done editing the picture, click the upload button to insert the picture into the news article.


create a website
Adjust the picture quality


Now back in the text editor you can hover over the picture to display the picture controls.


add captions that relate to news on the images
Add captions that relate to news on the images


Use the grippers in bottom corners of the picture to resize the pictures. Use the other controls to edit the picture, delete the pictures, turn the picture into a clickable link, align the picture or add a caption to the picture. To reposition the picture simply drag and drop the picture within the text.


Click the OK button when you're ready to post your news item.


Watch this video to see how to post a news item to a website:


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