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How To Post a Video to a Website using Easysite. Posting videos to a website is a must-have when creating a professional business website. Videos can be a very useful communications tool for just about any type of business. For example, you might post a video introduction onto your website's home page or you might use video to talk about a new product or service that your company offers. Video reviews of products are also very popular tools and are useful in getting more visitors to your website. Videos also tend to keep visitors on your site.


There are lots of ways to create a video. The easy way is to simply use your smart phone to record a video clip. Higher quality videos are more expensive and time consuming to produce. A large video production may incorporate a few cameras, a spokesperson, teleprompters, lighting, editing, voice-over and music. A professional video shoot can be a lot of work. No matter how elaborate your video is going to be, most any business website will benefit from having some video clips strategically placed throughout a website.


Follow These Step By Step Instructions To Post A Video To A Website Using Easysite


To post a video to your website, navigate to one of your video pages and click the "Add Video" link. 


how to post a video to a website using easysite
How to post a video to a website using easysite

Once you've done that, the Add Video dialog appears. Use this dialog to assign a title to the video clip that you want to post and select the video file. (If your video is already online, instead of selecting a video file from your computer, you can enter the "embed" tag from another site, such as YouTube or Vimeo into the "Embed Tag" entry.) Click "OK" to send the post the video to your site.


Post a Video Dialog
Post a Video Dialog

Posting Videos To Your Site Is Easy Using Easysite

Once the video has been posted to your site, the server will re-encode the file to make it ready to be hosted onto your website.  Re-encoding the file compresses the video to make sure that it loads quickly for your website visitors. The reason that this is done is because many video file are very large in size. If a video file is not re-encoded, it would stay large and would delay the playback process or stall during playback.


To post a video to a website you will need to have a website and if you are thinking of building one then Easysite should be your first choice. Learn how to create a website in a  few easy steps with Easysite. Try it free for 30 days.


Watch this video to see how to post a video to a website:


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