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Learn how to make your own website using one of the easiest site builders on the internet. It does not matter if you have no coding knowledge or have never made a website before. Our site builder includes web hosting and a free domain name, you can even try and create a website free for 30 days.


make your own website
Make your own website

If you are one of the thousands of people who understand the importance of having an online presence but somehow cannot figure out how to go about it, then this article on how to make your own website is for you.


Read on to find some amazing information and advice on how to make a website with one of the easiest site builders on the web Easysite,com and start building your online business on the World wide Web. Who are we? In July of 2012 Easysite launched a new and improved version of their service. A complete rewrite of the previous system, the new version combines all the ease of use of the previous version with a suite of new features specifically designed for businesses and organizations ... read more.

The Foundation Of An Online Presence Is A Website

The foundation of an online presence is a website. You need it to communicate to your audience who are searching online. Having your own website you can say what your mission is, what the benefits are for choosing you over your competitors, what values you are offering with your products/services and what the unique things are about your products/services.


Your website is your space on the web. People can see what you do, buy stuff directly from your site, contact you, any time day or night and read the latest news and updates about you or your business.


Once you have made a website and it is ready, your site you created is able to reach customers, make sales and earn profits. But how do you create a website? Isn't it a specialised job that only a specialist professional can do?


One who has undergone years of training and has hands-on knowledge of coding? The answer is yes and no. It is a specialised job which a trained, experienced and specialist professional does.


But, it is also a job that you can do all by yourself. Yes. And you don't have to learn anything, neither designing nor coding. All you have to do is open on your web browser and sign up and start creating your website.

Easysite is a fantastic website builder tool that is designed for people who have no technical background. It helps you utilise the latest tools, features and plug-ins to make your own responsive website on your own.


Our customers just love how easy it was to build a website. Clark Bartram is in the fitness industry and one of the most important things is to have a great looking website that is easy to add content, images and update yourself ... read more.

Choose A Design From Lots Of Professional Designed Templates That Look Good And Are SEO Friendly

In addition to offering beautiful design templates to choose from, it also offers the benefit of SEO – a key component for the success of any business on the web. It also opens the doors to social media for your site, as it integrates social media buttons on your website so that your visitors can share your content on social networks and spread the word around.


When you make your own website using Easysite there are benefits:


  Cost Saving 

You could ask why you should be using a tool like The best answer to this would be cost-efficiency. Creating websites with keeps your costs low – to a minimum in fact.

Not only can you create a website easily with Easysite, but you can also edit your web pages and update your content whenever you want and from the comfort of your home or workplace.


There is no need for you to know HTML coding or have any other type of programming skills. Just a few simple steps and your website is good to go.


You can have as many pages as you want on your site, sell stuff on your own store page and the price won't go up. That's right! No matter what features you use your monthly payment won't go up. You also get web hosting, a free domain for life and the site builder includes software to create an online store when you sign up.

 Made For The Layman 

Easysite was designed for the laypeople. It is so easy to use that anyone can build a website entirely on their own and in just a few clicks. It also offers the flexibility to create an online store from scratch and that too for absolutely free. Once you sign up for the 30-day free trial, you can design a website right from your browser.

 Sell Your Stuff From Your Website 

An eCommerce website is not like a regular website. It lets people purchase products online and make payments through third party software. Selling products online is an excellent way to make money. Using Easysite you could easily make a business website and start selling products directly from your store.


Easysite knows that and that's why it has come up with this amazing eCommerce website builder that can help you make your own eCommerce site in no time and start selling your stuff online.

 Responsive Websites 

Each and every website built using is responsive. They are built to look great and run smoothly on all devices, regardless of the screen size.


This means that if you use Easysite to make your website your site will look good as your site will resize to fit the screen its being viewed on.

 Free Web Hosting 

Every website needs to be hosted on a server. There are companies that charge a certain amount for hosting your website on their servers. They offer different payment packages to choose from.


But at Easysite, hosting is included in your package. Our hosting is fast, reliable and runs 99.99% of the time. This means your site will be available 24/7 all year round.

 Free Domain Name 

A website is nothing without a domain name. The domain name is the identity, the face of the business. To get a domain name of your choice, you need to pay a certain fee to a domain registration company.


Not with Easysite. It cuts your costs here too. Easysite provides you with a domain name of your choosing absolutely free of cost. You really have to pay nothing and enjoy a domain name that aptly describes your website.


How To Make Your Own Website Using Easysite


It's incredibly easy. All you have to do is:


  1. Open on your browser
  2. Click the "Try It Now" or "Create Your Website" link
  3. Fill out the sign up form with your name, email, and phone number
  4. Add a password with the service
  5. You can make a simple website using the web-based tools provided by Easysite
  6. You will be greeted with a dialogue box that tells you that you can always call the toll-free number in case you need help

There are actually three options for you in case you need help


1) Call the toll-free number and ask for the free technical support

2) Click the help section and watch the how-to videos

3) Use the software offered by Easysite.

That's it. That's pretty much everything you need to know to create your very own site using the magic website builder that's Easysite.

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