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Lots of people make a lot of money on the web and you can to. One of the best ways is to make money with your own website. People that want to make money online will probably search Google for different ways to make money online only to find hundreds and thousands of ways. Be careful a lot of those sites could be scam sites, before you spend any money do some research. One sure way to make money online is with your own website.


Why create a website for business? If you are in business then having a small business website design will boost your business. People searching on the web for businesses like yours will find your website and contact you. Think about it. If you have a pizza business with home delivery having a website that people can see the pizza's and order directly from the site will boost sales. Remember your website should be fully responsive, so its mobile friendly.


Another way to make money with your own website is to sell stuff directly from your site. To do this you need eCommerce software then you can create an eCommerce website and here at Easysite we like to think we have the best eCommerce website builder for you to use. You can even try it free for 30 days. If you are looking for ways to make money on the Internet, creating your own store website is a great way to get started and earn an income online.


This article is dedicated to help you achieve your goal of making more money on the web with your own website. It is loaded with tips and helpful information from the experts at, the best website builder out there.

So, Let’s Get Started


Hundreds Of People Like You Want To Boost Their Income


You are not alone. Hundreds of people like you want to boost their income and earn money online with a website. There are countless new websites being built everyday and just as many people are coming up with new business ideas to make money online.


There are lots of ways to make money with your own website and its not that difficult when you have some good advice.

The Starting Point

To make money, you have to have an idea that can you can turn into a business. Think hard. Come up with smart ways you can appeal to people and sell your products/services. Be organised. Whenever an idea comes to you, write it down. Keep a notebook for all your ideas. Then discuss it with someone you know and trust.


Ask for advice from your friends or relatives who have been involved in some kind of business and have been fairly successful. Only talk to the people you trust. This is very important because believe it or not, there are people who can rip you off, taking your hard-earned money.


These people mostly offer terrible business ideas or encourage you to invest in things that will never see any profit. Stay away from them. It is important that you build your business around something you are passionate about. If you love to do something and you want to keep doing it, then, do it for money. Sell it.


Whether it’s a skill or service or a product you can manufacture, you can sell it online. The best benefit of this is that you’ll never get bored. No matter how tiring the work is, you’ll always feel motivated to do it.

What To Sell?
Just like in a brick-and-mortar store, you can either sell a product or service on a website. Products are items that you have to purchase from a third party and sell it on your site. Services are things that you have to do/perform for your customers and charge a price for.

The Next Step
Now, decide a name for your business. Make sure the name is short and catchy so that it’s easy to recall. Also make sure the name doesn’t sound too harsh or negative. Your next task is to design a logo for your business. Hire a professional logo designer or an artist you know to create it for you.


If you have designing skills, you can do it yourself too. Chalk out a business plan. Clearly define what objectives your business will aim to achieve and set a deadline for it to achieve those.


This will give you a clear idea as to how fast you should move. Keep researching. Keep learning and keep experimenting. A continuous trial and error process should be in place.


Do not lose patience. Nothing happens overnight. Making money is no exception. Keep in mind that it’ll take time before the money starts coming in. There will be some unexpected things.


An online business is a long-term commitment. Keep working hard and you’ll be reaping the benefits sooner than your competitors.

Designing A Website

Your website is the platform on which you will sell your products/services. You can create a website incredibly easily with a tool like All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser and Easysite.


No need to hire someone. No need to spend thousands on professional service. You can create your own website.


You can even create an eCommerce website. makes it super-easy. No technical knowledge or skills required. No need to devote a lot of time.


Just a few hours every day and your website will be up and running before you know it. Many start-up businesses have used to make money on their own websites by selling items online directly from their site.


Easysite customers are people just like you, that have no web design or coding knowledge and are making money from their websites


Clark Bartram is in the fitness industry and uses his website to attract new customers and also sell fitness products from his store page. A great way to earn some extra dollars.


Terence Cooper makes great music and sells his music directly from his site. He also makes money from his own website.


Its easy you just have to sign up here to create a website. You can try everything you like on absolutely free for 30 days. While most of the companies in the market will offer eCommerce software and ecommerce hosting and charge exorbitant amounts for it, Easysite will never do that. Easysite has one set price regardless.


You can build a website with 5 pages or 5000 pages. Make a website or make a eCommerce website its all the same price. You even get a free domain, reliable super fast website hosting and a easy to use site builder that makes building your own website fun.


Other companies tend to make their clients upgrade the package to get more features to run their online stores better but Easysite is different. As soon as you sign up, you are taken straightaway to your website. You also get a free domain name for life. What you waiting for? Sign up today and make money with your own website.

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