How To Add A Yahoo Calendar To Your Easysite Website



Easysite does have a built in calendar that you can use to display up and coming events. However you may want to use a Yahoo calendar on your Easysite website, here's how to add a Yahoo calendar to your website.


Yahoo does not offer an embedded code for your Yahoo Calendar. What we have to do is use Google Calendar to get a code for your Yahoo Calendar. Follow these simple steps below and learn how to embed your Yahoo Calendar code into your Easysite website.

Step 1 Yahoo

Login to your Yahoo Calendar.


Go to Action then down to the option Share. Click on Share.


Next click on share with everyone, then click continue.


Now go to Calendar and web address, right click and copy the code.

Step 2 Google

Login to your Google account.


Look for Calendar and click.


Look for other Calendars and add by URL and click.


Now tick the box that says make this calendar publicly accessible.


Now paste the URL in the box that says URL.

Getting The Code

Look in other Calendars for your Yahoo Calendar. Hover over the text and click the arrow.


Now go to Calendar settings.


High light the code in the box. This is the code that will display your Yahoo Calendar on your website.

Adding The Code To Your Easysite Website

Now that you have the code you can easy add your Yahoo Calendar to your Easysite website. Did you know you can sign up and try our website builder out free for 30 days.


Login to your Easysite website.


Next click on the Admin link at the bottom of your Easysite website.


Now look for Pages and click. Look for Custom pages, on one of the Custom pages click, On - All Access.


You will now have a new heading in your menu, custom page. Click on custom page.


Once on the custom page click the edit page link. The editor will be displayed. Now click Source and paste your Yahoo Calendar code in. Then click the OK button.


You have now embedded your Yahoo Calendar on your Easysite website.


Now go back to Site Admin. Scroll down to your Custom page and rename the page to Calendar. Visitors will now be able to see your Yahoo Calendar on your site. Remember you can edit your Calendar settings and events on your Yahoo Calendar page. Any updates or edits done will automatically be updated to your site.

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