Get Your Online Store Ready For The Holidays



Are you thinking of creating an online store to sell products. You could make a lot of money, especially now with the holiday season already upon us. But with only a few weeks to go it’s time to deck the halls and spread that holiday cheer.


Get your online store ready for the holidays
Get your online store ready for the holidays


Ecommerce sales are set to reach record heights this year and if your online store is not built yet you better get a move on. There are a few things you’ll want to do in order to get on the holiday express train and make your own website. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of tips from our experts to get your online store in the holiday spirit and ready to rake in the big bucks.

Don't Wait Time Is Running Out

You don't have much to prepare for the holiday boom, its just around the corner. That's why making a Ecommerce website with Easysite should be your first choice when it comes to Ecommerce website builders. No web design experience or special type of coding knowledge required to build your own online shop. You can set up your online store website in minutes. Adding products will take a little longer but its very easy.

Try It Free

We invite you to try set-up your online store for free for 30 days. We do not want your credit card details. All you need to do is fill in the form at the bottom of the page. You will then be redirected to the editing part of your new website. From here you can start to create an online store, add your products and see how it all works. Follow the helpful guide videos or if you require any additional help call: (877) 832-7974 and our support team can call you back and help you over the phone set-up your online store.

You Get All The Tools You Need And More

When you sign up and start creating a website using Easysite you will get all the web design tools you need. Our site builder is easy to use no coding knowledge required. With a click here and click there you can add content, videos pictures, music and lots more. Never upgrade, if you want to start selling it won't cost any extra. Your store page is included. Add 10 products or 10 000 products the price is the same.


You also get a free domain for life and fast reliable web hosting making Easysite your ideal website builder. All this for $19.95/monthly that's right never pay more than $19.95/monthly and remember you can try it free.

Make Sure You Have Enough Stock

While you are building your online store you will also need to make sure that you will have enough inventory in stock to to sell. Everything from packaging, postcards, stickers and delivery labels should be ordered in advance so that you’re ready to go once your website goes online. Don’t forget to make sure your FAQ page and all of your policies are up-to-date, including your return policy. Also set up your payment options so your customers can pay without a hassle.

Show Off Your Holiday Spirit

When you walk past a storefront during the holidays season, you can feel the holiday spirit calling you inside to make a purchase. Well, the same can be done with your online store. Add some holiday flair to your website so your visitors feel excited to spend time (and money) in your store by adding holiday photos.

Show You’re Trustworthy

Lots of potential customers like to read reviews about other peoples shopping experience from the website they are going to buy off. Show you’re a trustworthy business by letting your existing customers write reviews to sing your praises and give your new ones peace of mind when they make a purchase from your site. Once a prospective buyer sees all the great reviews you’ve got, business will be booming.

Promote Your Sales

You need to get the word out. The first step to getting the word out for your latest sale is by getting on social media. Post you products of the day on Twitter, Instagram or promote a killer sale on your business’s Facebook page. Your followers are all on social networks so take advantage, start talking and creating a buzz.


In addition to social media, you can also use the get subscribe app to collect your visitor’s contact information so you can send them stunning newsletters using Easysites email blast. Choose a cute holiday template to send out a themed email letting your buyers know that you’re running a sale they just can’t miss or that there’s a hot new product on everyone’s wish-list.

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