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Design a Web Page. This article will help you learn how to design a web page. It will guide you through the process of how to design a web page as well as provide the step by step instructions to do so.


We will also recommend online tools that you can use to help design a website. This information is a free resource that can be applied to anyone asking, how do I design a web page?


Steve Sivulka has been making websites since the late 1990s. One of my first ideas for a website turned into The idea was to collect all the videos that people are sending to each other over email and use them to create a website where visitors can play these videos on-demand.


Yes, like YouTube...only five years ahead of them. The site was hosted hundreds of humorous, short video clips and was very popular during the time our team ran it from 2000 to 2005.

When sold, it had over 200,000 visitors per day and was streaming over 2,000,000 videos per day.


Since StupidVideos, the core group of developers has done a lot of web development consulting for larger companies under the name Akluvis ( We have done projects for Universal Pictures, American Honda Motor Company, Toyota, Lexus, Leica, Greenlee, etc.

With all the knowledge we acquired from creating lots of different developments, we decided to create our own website builder, Easysite ( Easysite is the easy way to create a website and design a web page.

Basically, we built the Easysite website builder so anyone can make a website. It's really that easy to use. Easysite is the reason that I wanted to post this article. We here to answer "how do I design a web page" with clear instructions and helpful information.


How Can I Design a Web Page?


The simple answer is to select and use a popular online site builder to design a web page. A site builder like Easysite. 


how to design your own web page
design a web page

Because the question of how do you design a web page contains the word design. I think there's a bit more to this question. You didn't ask "How do I make a website?" You probably came here because you want to know how I can design a web page.


Design is different from simply make. When you design something, you're putting thought into it and you want it to be appealing to the end user. So here we go...

To design a web page we suggest that you start by finding a similar design for a web page that you think looks great. Why would we say that? Are we suggesting that you steal web page design or encouraging you to be lazy?


Far from that, we're actually suggesting that to help you design your web site. Once you find the design of web page that you like, you have found your starting point to design a web site.


Again, finding a site design is a starting point and never the ending when you're learning how to design a web page layout. Now that you have a starting point, you can easily rework the design of web page to become exactly what you want it to be.

What's Next?

Now you need to learn how do I create a web site. To learn how to make a website you no longer need books, technical manuals or even a lot of smarts. Having all of those things certain doesn't hurt when it comes to learning how to design your own web site.


They're just not a requirement to design a website like they used to be. Because of how technology has increased and become more accessible, now anyone can make a website. Really, everything that goes into what makes a good web page design can be found using an online web site builder.


That's great news for people that do not consider themselves to be very tech-savvy.

Popular site builders only require you to use your favorite browser along with a mouse and keyboard. That's it. When you think about it, you're really using a web site to create a website.


This makes it easy to customize the web page design without needing or hiring a web developer. In fact, most people now use an online site builder when they need to design a web page.


Because it's so easy and convenient using an online system is by far the most popular way to design a web page.

Other Thoughts On Web Page Design

Web page design involves a lot decisions. You need to think through the colors that you're going to use as well as fonts and layout. Does your business already use certain colors? Do you have a logo? Is the logo in a format that's ready to be used on the web?


All of these factor into what makes a good web page design. Remember the content (or text information) on the site can always be updated or changed.

That's not important when you're first learning how to create a web page design. The design of web site is something that will not change that often. Another term that's used for design is website template.

A template is a design but the term template usually means that it will be able to be used by many different sites. The design aspects of your site that make it special to you are the things that make it unique and will set it apart from any other sites that may be using a similar web site template.

These days one feature of a new site development that can't be ignored is responsive web design. What is responsive web design? A responsive design means that the site you build will look great on any size screen or device it's viewed on.


With so many people using phones and tablets to access the Internet, it's important to use a responsive design when you design a web page. Many online site builders offer responsive web design templates to use with their web page design tools.


Make sure that the one that you choose offers this. If they don't, many visitors to your site will not stay long because the site will not display well or be easy to navigate.


How Do You Design A Web Page?


If you're an expert at graphic design and web programming, then it's easy for you to design your own site. For the rest of us, we encourage people to try out online site builders like Easysite.


With any of these online tools, there's no need to purchase software to design web page, everything is built in. If you're looking for the easy answer to how can I design a web page, this is the simple way to go. Easysite includes a free domain name when you sign up.

Besides being easy to use, online web page designers are usually very affordable. When you hire a web developer to design a web page, they can charge between $50 and $200 per hour. A few hours of consulting could pay for a year of service with an online builder.


Ecommerce Web Page Design


Probably the most popular question we get over the phone to our free tech support is "how can I design a web page?" The next most popular question is usually about ecommerce web page design.

Regular people don't use those terms. They often ask how can I sell things online or how do I create a website with a shopping cart, etc. When you're selecting your site building system, make sure they offer ecommerce web page design and that it's included with the plan you select.


When you're a business owner this type of page design lets you easily create a site and learn how to make money on the web selling goods from your own ecommerce site.

If you need further help with how to design your own web site or how to make money on the web, please call us at 877 832-7974 or check out the rest of our web design articles on this site.

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