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Ecommerce, which stands for "electronic commerce", is everywhere. It's unusual to find someone that is not used to buying goods and services online. If your business website isn't offering customers the ability to shop online using an eCommerce website, you're missing out on sales. The following information will help you create an online store for your website.


It used to be a very difficult task to create an eCommerce website. The required knowledge to build an site to sell item with was reserved for website programmers, or web developers. These days, there are lots of options to choose from to help you create a web site that includes an online store. With newer website builders, it's now easy to sell items online using your own business website. The process of building an eCommerce website is now a simple and fun process.

Sell Products And Services With Your Online Store

An eCommerce website simply means a website that can be used to sell products and services. When a customer visits your online store, it's very similar to them visiting a business' physical location. Within the site, visits can browse products within your online store pages. The online store pages are organized by departments. For example if you owned a retail clothing store, your website can offer all of your products online. The departments of your online store page could be Shirts, Shoes, Jackets, Sweaters, Pants, Skirts, etc. As customers browse though your site's online store, they place items they want into their shopping cart.

What Is A Shopping Cart?

The shopping cart is really a list of the items that customer intend to purchase. The cart can be used to adjust quantities, remove items as well as view the total cost of items that are currently in their shopping cart. Once the shopping cart is updated and the customer has finished shopping, they will check out.


Checking out simply means that the customer is making the purchase of the items within their shopping cart. This is most commonly completed using a debit or credit card. Once the transaction has been completed, customers are sent an email receipt and you ship out the order products or provide the services that have been purchased.

How To Build Your Own eCommerce Website

Step by Step Instructions to Create an Ecommerce Website:


In your website, navigate the Site Admin, Pages section of your Easysite website. Scroll down to make sure that the "store" page is set to "On-All Access".


free ecommerce trial
Free eCommerce trial


Next, navigate to your "Store" page.  This is the page used to post items that you want to sell on your site. Start by entering your PayPal account email address in the "PayPal Account Email" entry. (If you don't already have a PayPal account, go to to sign up for a Premier or Business account to start accepting credit card payments today.) 


build your own online shop
Build your own online shop

Now add a new department to your store page. Next, click "Add Item" to post an item to sell. (The "Item Name" and "price" are the only required fields.)  Fill in a description -- and add a picture. "Additional Options" lets you add options for your item, for example you might add a "size" or "color" option if you're selling something that is available in different sizes or colors. 


make your own online store
Make your own online store


Click OK to post your new item to your online store.


sell products on your own site
Sell products on your own site


Watch this video to see how to create an eCommerce website with online store in minutes:

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