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How to create a menu on Easysite. The menu is the navigation tool to access pages on your site. It must be easy to use and clearly visible to the visitor. Some menu designs will indicate the current page that a visitor is on by highlighting the menu item for the page. Some menus are hidden until the user mouses over or clicks a web page element.


Responsive website will usually hide a menu completely when the website is being viewed on a smaller screened device, such as a phone or tablet. When this happens a menu button is displayed that can be used to access the menu of the site.  This button is a standard now in website design. The menu button design usually consist of three horizontal lines.


Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Menu for a Website:


A website's menu and pages are arranged and edited from the Site Admin > Pages tab.  The "Pages" tab contains a list of all the different pages that are available for use within your site. 

Create a Menu

The First Thing You Should Do Is Turn Off Any Pages That You're Not Going To Use

The first thing you should do is turn off any pages that you're not going to use.  For example, if you're not going to use the Calendar page, when you create a website you can turn it off by selecting "off" from the "access" drop-down.  Once the page is turned off, it's removed from your menu and is no longer accessible.  (Notice that you can also select "Members Only" from the access drop-down.  Pages set to "Members Only" access are only accessible to logged-in members of your website.)




To change the name of a page, simply enter the new name.  To change the order of your pages, simply drag and drop them using the up-down arrows on the right hand side.

Use the "Add Menu" link to create a drop-down menu that you can use to list pages under.  Drag and drop pages into the new menu.  Update the new menu's name.  To delete a menu, use the "x" button.  (The pages contained in the menu will not be deleted.)


Create a Drop Down Menu

Watch this video to see how to create a menu for a website:


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