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Learn how to build your own online store with your one stop eCommerce web site builder. In this age of technology, every business must have a strong online presence. While brick and mortar stores can help you reach out to people in your immediate surroundings, learning how to build your own online store can help you reach out to customers all over the world in different time zones.


Add to it the 24x7 availability factor, and you know the reason why e-Commerce is booming!

Well, that certainly got you thinking about creating your own online store, didn’t it?


Contrary to notion, learning how to build your own online store is not difficult…not if you create it with Easysite is one of the best web development service providers out there to create your own website with. Here’s why we say so.


Why Should You Choose Easysite?

1. You don’t need to be a very tech-savvy person or a programmer to build your own online store. You don’t need to know programming languages or handle any complicated system to do that. Easysite makes it possible for you to create your own e-Commerce website without seeking assistance from any over-priced web development service provider.

2. Easy doesn’t mean amateurish. We make the process easy for you but at the same time, do not let the standards drop. The end result is a professional looking website that is easy to navigate and attractive to look at.

3. Our online store creator tool can make it very easy for you to sell your products or services online. You can have your own website, complete with a shopping cart, up and running in a short time. You also get to reach out to a larger target audience than it is possible otherwise.

4. You do not need to invest in individual SEO services to get your site indexed by the search engine robots. Our site creator tool builds websites in such a way that search engines can easily find and index them. You don’t need to worry about your website not popping up in the search engine results.

5. In this age of mobile technology, your website won’t work if it is not responsive. Since most of your customers will be accessing your site from their smartphones, it is very important to make it look good on mobile devices. Your new eCommerce website will look good on any device its viewed on.

6. When you register with us, you get a domain name for free. You can retain this even if you discontinue using our service. It is yours to keep for life. You also get to avail of web hosting services that are fast and dependable at the same time. So, even if there is an increase in the number of visitors to your site, you need not worry about your site not staying up.


7. You can use our email blast feature to keep your customers updated about special offers and latest product releases. You can also send out discount coupons to them.

8. You can update your site whenever you want and even while you are on the move. You can add a picture or change the text or replace a video – all by yourself. Since you do not get any web developer on board to update your site, your site maintenance cost drops quite a bit.

9. Any online business needs to have a strong social media presence. You need to integrate your brand’s social media profiles with your site. This way, you can reach out to a larger number of prospects. We help link your brand’s social media profiles to your site so that you can share updates on your social networks directly from your website.

So now that you know why you should opt for Easysite, here is how you need to go about the process.

How To Create A Site With Easysite

1. Log on to Go to the sign-up page and key in your details. Submit the form and you will be taken to your own website immediately.

2. Click on the store link given on the page. This way, you can sync your PayPal account with the website. You can also add names of items that you want to sell as well as their price. You can sort them into different departments for the convenience of you customers. You can also add several other features to your site and customise it as per your preference and convenience.

Isn’t that easy? For those who still are in two minds, here are some more compelling reasons to build your own online store using Easysite.

Some More Reasons To Work With Easysite

  • Easysite provides services that are easy on the pocketbook. Compared to other eCommerce website builders.
  • We offer assistance at every step. From customising the website to suit your express needs to modifying the design elements, we are there to help you out with every minute detail.
  • While we are there to help you at every step, we never try to take charge. You are the one making decisions on every detail related to your site. We help you build your website your way.

For any further query, you can give us a call at 877 832-7974 or shoot us an email at – we will be more than happy to assist you.

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