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Learn how to create a mobile friendly shopping website with Easysite. Each year smartphones become more advanced and if you want to build a mobile friendly store you need a website builder that makes it easy for customers to buy online.


If you are in the market to build a mobile friendly store that not only looks great on mobiles, but will look great on any device its viewed on, computers, laptops, iPads etc. Then you need to find a website builder that will adjust the look and feel of your online website to the size of the screen its being viewed on.


Here at Easysite we know this. Our templates are designed to be responsive. This means that when you build your online store using Easysite it will look great on your computer, laptop, iPad and any mobile phone you have. The screen and menu will automatically adjust, making your mobile store user friendly.

Clear Layout And Easy Navigation

Clear Layout And Easy Navigation
Clear Layout And Easy Navigation


One of the biggest things that's different between smartphones and conventional PCs is screen size. As you may have visited older websites on your smartphone you may have noticed that you have to do a lot of scrolling, right and left, up and down to see the website. This is a pain. The screen size has been designed for larger screens making it nearly impossible to click menus and buy buttons and see whats going on.


If you choose a older website builder that does not have responsive templates and designs your online mobile store will also have the wrong screen size. Google will punish your rankings for not being mobile friendly and visitors will not waste time, they will move on to the next mobile friendly online store.


You need a clear layout and easy navigation when building a mobile friendly online store with shopping basket. Also font size should automatically adjust being larger on mobiles, this may seem odd as screen size is smaller. But having larger text makes it easier for customers to read, especially if they are on a train in a car or just browsing your store at home.


Site navigation needs to be as simple as possible. Visitors can easily get confused and disoriented when viewing your mobile friendly shopping website. Don't present too many levels of sub-pages, and on each page, give your customers a clear way to get back to your home page.

Design Fast Loading Light Pages

When adding content on your website be careful. You want fast loading pages so they load quickly on mobiles. Also reduce bandwidth usage by minimizing animation and video streaming. Especially on your home page. Yes the smartphone can play videos but they will slow the page down and consume the mobile bandwidth if the smartphone in not connected to WI-FI.


Connect to other mobile resources. For For example, if you want to give directions to your physical store, you might link to the mobile version of a mapping service like Google Maps or MapQuest. Also reward visitors with a store discount when they use the Facebook check-in app telling people where they are when they visit your store.

Check Out The Competition

Before you start to create a mobile friendly shopping website with Easysite check out the competition. First browse their online store using your computer. Then check out the online store using your mobile and see whats different. This is a great way to see what works. Remember if its working for them it could work for you.


Never copy images or text content when checking out the competition. This could land you in hot water if they find out. Also if its on Google its already been indexed by Google and as soon as you publish it Google bots will visit and Google will know its been copied and punish your online store.


By looking at the competition it will not only give you ideas on how to layout the content of your mobile friendly shopping website but will also give you an idea of what stock and prices are like. Remember take all the good ideas and apply them when you build your mobile friendly website.

Easy To Upload Your Products

As soon as you start to build your mobile friendly website using Easysite you will see how easy it is to upload and price your items. Our Ecommerce website builder will do all the coding for you. This means that building a store website can be done by anyone, even you.


Uploading items to your online store page is a simple process as well. There is no programming or special technical skills required. Everything is point and click. In fact, all that is needed to post an item is the item name and the price. Within the "Add Item" dialog there's a lot more features that are simple to use and understand.


For example, website administrators can easily add up to eight pictures per store item. There are also "choices" for each item. This is useful for items that have options, like shirt size or color. Within each option additional charges can be added for certain options.

Secure Payments

Your Easysite plan includes a free, store page that looks great on any device, especially smartphones. This means your customers can browse and make secure payments directly from your website. Using their computer, iPad or any mobile phone!


Easysite provides a reliable, secure shopping cart solution for your eCommerce website. The shopping cart software allows you to accept credit cards and PayPal payments by integrating payment gateways. Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure.


We include our eCommerce software free with the Easysite package. It does not matter if you build a mobile friendly store with 20 products or 20 000 products the price is the same. You start for free. Try our site builder and after 30 days pay $19.95/monthly.


You get a free domain name, fast reliable hosting, shopping cart software and site builder. There is no limit on the amount of pages, or products. There is no upgrade unlike other site builders that ask for upgrades every time you want more features costing you more. You get all our features for $19.95/monthly.

Try It Free

We invite you to try Easysite for free. Sign up below and get 30 days free to build your own online shop. We don't want any bank or credit card details. We just want you to please try our Ecommerce software and see how easy it is to build a mobile friendly online store.

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