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Ask anyone that sells stuff online: the first step is to create a professional online presence and build killer landing pages. Having a great website with well designed landing pages could put your business on the map.


If you want to generate leads, referrals and sales – killer landing pages is the answer. You want to capture your visitors information so you can get more eyes on your next campaign.

What Are Landing Pages

Landing pages look like any other page on your website but with a big difference. Landing pages are used to drive visitors towards conversion by getting them to click through to a specific action. It could be to make a purchase in your online store, subscribing to newsletters or any other action you may want the visitor to do. A landing page has one purpose. To get visitors to click through to your end goal.

Helpful Tips On Creating The Perfect Landing Pages

A landing page in terms of content has one simple rule. It is designed to promote a certain action from the visitor.

When creating the perfect landing page focus on supporting this objective and nothing else.

Keep your design clean, no advertising, no other links, you can even remove the menu and any links in the footer of the page.

The main goal of a landing page is to make visitors click on that one link, or sign up giving you their email address.

A Good landing page will have a strong visual hierarchy that instantly leads your visitors exactly where you want them most.

How To Promote Your Landing Pages

Once you have built your landing pages you need to drive traffic to them. This can be done in a few different ways:


You could email your landing page to subscribers.

Social networks is another great way to promote your landing pages for free. Post the link on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Every time you create a new blog post on your site add the link in the article some where.

If you are great at SEO its even possible your landing page could be found by organic (not-paid) search results.

Creating a PPC ad campaign on search engines and linking to the landing page.


These are some fantastic ways to drive traffic to your landing pages. You need to make sure that once you get those clicks you are sending them to the right place. As we said before the ultimate goal of a landing page is to get viewers to click, or sign up. Will they be redirected to a shopping cart? A registration form? An inner page within your website?


Remember think carefully about the next step and create an easy path for viewers to get there with a single click.


If you create a website you should have different types of landing pages. They are easy to make and having more than one will allow you test the performance of more than one design. Testing landing pages is a crucial technique in professional online marketing. Once tested you will know what works and gets you more sign ups, clicks, etc. Easysite has all the tools needed to create the perfect landing pages. You can have the full use of all the features our site builder has free for 30 days, no credit card or money required to try build a website with Easysite, sign up below.

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