Why Have A Website For Your Business



Why have a website for your business? Today if you are in business and do not have a website then you are loosing out. Your website is your calling card and office on the internet. A business needs to be where its audience is. In this age of online information and transaction, not having a business website will make you lose out on many opportunities to reach out to your potential customers, most of whom have a strong online presence.


Here is the bottom line - If you own or are running a business and do not have a web presence, you need to create your own website for your business. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small enterprise or a medium one creating a website for your brand is more of a necessity these days.

Getting a business website design up and running is not difficult at all, provided you go the right way about it. We, at Easysite.com, one of the best website builders out there can make web designing a breeze for you. Our site builder includes Ecommerce software at no extra cost. This means you can sell stuff directly from your own store page if you want to.


Your website can build your brand online. That's one of the reasons why you should have a website for your business, below are a few more reasons.




Why Have A Website For Your Business
Why Have A Website For Your Business


Your website will help you to reach customers beyond your current audience/market. Your website can help you showcase and advertise your products/services to people all across the globe. Having a website for your business means people can reach you any time and on any device that has internet.

Having a business website will make you reach out to your customers and prospects 24/7. Customers in different time zones can browse and buy your products and services without you needing to pitch in extra efforts.

A well designed business website can create a good impression on your audience and show people how willing you are to reach out to them. It also helps to be where your competition is, and nowadays, the key players in every industry have a strong web presence.

A professional looking business website, complete with feedback forms and questionnaires, can help you figure out the reaction of your audience. It will also help you understand their expectations better.

Having a business website makes your target audience aware of your latest releases and
special offers. Your advertising budget comes down automatically.

Now that you have found out why having a website for your business is imperative, we move on to the next level. Here’s what your business website should do.


What Your Business Website Should Do


1. Your website needs to tell people what your business is all about. Your website name and URL should be what the website is about. The home page should be about what the website is about. Also have a about us page and go into more detail about the business and what you do. Don’t make your audience go through your entire website to understand what your business is all about. Respect the time of your audience and keep your message simple.

2. Your business website should be in sync with your business goals. For instance, a fashion website should not have the look and feel of a children’s toys website. The template you choose will affect the look of the site. This means you should choose your theme or template wisely. Get advice from friends and colleagues.

3. Your business website should have detailed information about your business. You
should mention your office phone number, email ID and office address in your website,
preferably in a separate section like ‘Contact Us’. Also have a contact us form on the contact page.

4. Update your website at regular intervals. Your website should not look ‘abandoned’ and
confuse your customers/prospects who visit it looking for latest information on your offerings. You could even have the date the page was published or updated, visitors could then see for themselves how current the page is.

5. Your business website should have a feedback form that helps customers register their feedback. You can also include an FAQ section that has answers to questions that you
have many of your customers asking you every now and then.

6. Your business website should be easy to navigate. Include links to relevant pages when ever you can in the content.

Next question - How do I build a website? There are hundreds of different ways you can build a website and one of the best ways is to use our web site builder, you can even try create a website free for 30 days. Use all the features, see exactly how it works, no credit card needed.

Why Easysite?

Easysite makes the job very ‘easy’ for you. You don’t need to be a pro at web designing. You don’t need to bother about installing plug-ins or software. We take care of it all. All you need to do is know how to type a few words and click a mouse.

When you register with us, we give you a domain name for free. And you will own it forever. Even if you discontinue using our services, you will still own it. The domain name is yours to keep, for life. We will sign it over to your new registrar free of charge. 

Your site maintenance charges are also reduced by quite a few notches. You can now
change text, replace a video or change any other design element all by yourself. We will
be there to assist you at every step but you will be the one calling the shots.

We also link your site to your social media profiles. That way, you get to connect to a lot
more people and drive more traffic to your website.

When more visitors start coming to your website, you need not lose sleep over whether
your website will crash. Our premium quality website hosting services ensure that it does not.

Now, where else you will get such services and that too at such affordable prices? If you still want to have a word with us before you decide to work with us, dial 877 832 7974 or email us at help@easysite.com.

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