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Is it Free to Create a Website? The best things in life are free, or so the song goes. People often ask us how do I create a web site for free. This article will talk about how to create a website as well as how to create a free website. We'll discuss the differences that you can expect to find between a paid and free site building service. Because this topic is popular, well spend time digging into the unforeseen problems you might experience when you create a free website. Lastly, we'll evaluate some of the most popular web site building services that can answer yes to, is it free to create a website.


Why You Should Not Create a Free Website


We all like free things. Free time, free tickets, free lunch, etc. Some things in life are not so great when they're free. Free timeshare presentation, free work, etc. When it comes to create a website for free, we would put this one in the latter category and not recommend building a website free.

Let's look at the big picture. You're a small business owner, administrator of an organization or just someone that needs to create a website. You've spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to receive the training and education you need to start your own business or nonprofit organization. You have thousands of dollars each month in overhead expenditures for your business. You might have just spent over $50,000 on a vehicle that you will use. Now when you're ready to create a website, you look for where can you create a free website.

The problem with this thinking is obvious – you're going to get exactly what you pay for. When you rented your office space, did you search for free rent? When you purchased your last car, did you look for a price of zero? When it comes to one of the most valuable and important tools for your business or organization, your website is something that should not be an afterthought. Spend some time to research and evaluate the online site building services that let you create a trial website.


But most important have some budget set aside for your website.


create a website
Create a website

Why People Think It's A Good Idea To Make A Free Website

A lot people think they should be able to just get online and search for where can you create a free website, sign up, post some content and have top placement on Google by this afternoon.


The reason they think this way is because they assume most everything on the Internet is free. Also, social networking sites are free so the assumption is that a real website service that's used to design a website should also be free. This thinking is also prevalent because people use what they consider to be free email services. There also use to be GeoCities by Yahoo that did let you create a website free. This service has been discontinued for years, but it seems to have left the impression that the Internet is the place where you can learn to how to create a website for free.


So What's Wrong With A Free Website?


The problem with a free service is at some point companies that offer these service need to be profitable. Even businesses that claim to let you create a website for free have to make money at some point to keep the service going.


Any web hosting company has a certain amount of overhead they have to pay for.  They have computer servers that they have to purchase. They need to purchase the space in datacenters to house the servers. They have to pay for their Internet connections and power.


Many of these expenses can cost thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. They also have the expense of staffing their service with programmers, support technicians, management, etc. All of these things cost money. These expenses aren't going to be paid by offering free services.

Again, They Have To Make Money At Some Point To Keep The Lights On And The Service Going.

Who Lets You Create a Free Website?


Many companies that offer a free website building service to create a website are not very open or truthful about how they are paying for the service they're providing. Make sure you don't get caught.


Instead of charging directly for a service that would be considered a fair trade, they instead give away the razor and sell the blades, so to speak. These companies might offer a very limited way to make a website for free. They want to get customers in the door then sell them on an upgraded paid level of service to create a website.

Here's what this looks like. You search online for where can you create a free website. Once you're signed up you realize that all of the features you thought you were going to be able to use to design a website are only available after you purchase an upgrade to the paid level service.


We have seen this with sites like Go Daddy and WordPress. This is especially true when you want to create a shop website, or ecommerce website. Only site plans that are paid for have access to these features. With WordPress, you sign up because you've heard about WordPress or someone that you work with told you about WordPress.


Once you sign up you realize that the template you wanted to use to make a website with is only available if you purchase it as an upgrade. There's always a catch and dad is still right, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

It's different for a personal website, but when you create a business website you need all of the business website features that are not typically available with the free level of service. Another problem you'll find when you search for where can you create a free website is advertisements.


So the site is free and you create a website, the only problem is that there are ads all over it to pay for the "free" service. This is same deal as social networks. There are ads all over that fund the service. They also own everything you post. Plus, they'll sell your personal information to companies that want to market products to you. (Sometimes free can be expensive.)


How Do I Create A Web Site?


To get started and design a website, visit www.easysite.com and sign up for the free website 30 day trial. You can even create a store website at no extra charge and sell products online.

Personally, if I need to create a website, I use Easysite. Easysite is our website building service that you can use to create a business website with. We believe it's the easiest and best ecommerce website builder available. By visiting easysite.com, you can create a trial website for free. Once you have signed up, you design a website using only your browser. Everything is done online within the Easysite site builder. Anyone can quickly learn how to create a website using the builder.

To learn how to create a store website you will also sign up with Easysite. An ecommerce website is different from a regular website. This type of site will let visitors to your site purchase items that you want to sell. When you create a shop website, you can sell products and services with the site. Once an item is selected for purchase, the item is place into a shopping cart that is part of the site. From there, the visitor can finalize the purchase by processing the transaction using a credit card for payment. Having the ability to sell things online is an important step when learning how to design a company website and making money selling goods online.


Steps To Create A Website


For the last part of the article we want to list out the step by step instructions you can use to create a website. You probably found this article by searching online using the search term how do I create a website or how do you create a website. Either way, we're glad you have found the site and we would like to help with those looking for how do I create a web site. When you build a website with the Easysite service, you start with a free website trial. The trial is 30 days and it is completely free.


That's how much we believe in the site building service that we offer. There is no obligation to purchase after the free trial and the site will automatically cancel afterwards.

Please keep in mind our build a site service when you're looking for "how do you create a website" or "how do I create a web site".


We believe that you'll find everything you need to create a professional website within the online site building tools offered on Easysite.com.

Below Are The Steps To Build Your Own Web Site:

  1. Sign up for a free trial at easysite.com
  2. Once you're signed up, add your header text to the site within the Site Admin > Site Options section.
  3. Select a new look or template for the site using the option in this same section
  4. Select the "menu" tab to organize and arrange the pages of your site that will appear in the top level menu bar of the site
  5. Click on the home page menu item and click the "edit home page" link located at the top of the page to select a layout and the elements that will appear on your home page
  6. Click on one of the "custom" pages then click "edit page" to open up the web page editor for that page.
  7. Within the editor add text, pictures and even videos to the page using the toolbar buttons
  8. Using the Site Admin > Social Buttons page, hook up the social network pages for your site
  9. If you need help click on the "Help" section at the bottom of the site. This section will let you access the help videos that show you step by step how to create a website

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