What You Need To Build A Website – The Definitive Checklist



So you want to build your own website and would like to find out exactly where to start. When it comes to building a website, you’ve come to the right place.


Our checklist will show you exactly:


What is needed to start creating your own website. You have probably done some research or talked to friends about building a website and could have a rough idea what it takes to build a website. Our checklist could help you, in case you missed anything out.

What You Actually Need vs What You Think You Need To Create A Website

When you first start to build a website don't try to do to much. It takes time to build a good website so don't expect it all to be done in a few days. Especially if you are new at it. Some people end up with a large list of things they think they need to do in order to get their site up and running.


They not sure where to start. How much it all costs. How to get a domain name. Where to get hosting from, and which website site builder to use. At the end of the day you get paralyzed by endless questions and options about building your first website.


At Easysite we take the worry out of creating your own website. We offer you everything you need, like a free domain name, website hosting, website builder and loads of helpful online website building videos on how to use our website builder. You can even try create a free website for 30 days. We even offer a free call back where one of our helpful support team will call you back and guide you step-by-step on the best way to build your own website.

Checklist – What You Need To Build A Website

The bare basics below are often enough for you to build a good, functional website to get you started.


#1 – Domain Name #2 – Website Building Software Or Website Builder #3 – Website Hosting #4 – Business Email Address #5 – Website Template Design #6 – Logo Design #7 – High-Quality Images for Website #8 – Image Editors #9 – Google Analytics

#1 Get Your Own Domain Name

The first thing you will need to do is get your own domain name when you start to create your own website. A domain name is your website address. Its how people find your website. When you sign up to Easysite and try our site builder out for free we give you a temporary  domain name. After the 30 day trial period or anytime before when you make a payment you will be able to choose your domain name.


The cost of a domain name is usually about $10 – $20 per year. We include a free domain for life so if you use Easysite you will never have to pay for your domain.

#2 Choose A Website Building Software Or Website Builder

Website building software or a website builder is used to build a website. This means that just about anyone can build a website. The software or site builder does all the coding for you. You can change text size, font, text color, add pictures, videos and lots more with a few clicks of your mouse using the software.


In the old days you would need to learn HTML and CSS coding. Or find a web development company to build a website. This would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You would have to wait for updates. But now in 2017 no coding knowledge is required to create your own website thanks to website builders like Easysite.

#3 Fast Reliable Website Hosting

You will need to host the files your website builder makes when building a website. That means that your web pages are stored on banks of computers that are connected to the internet. When someone on the internet calls those files they will be able to see them in the form of your web page.


Hosting need to be fast and reliable. If you are using a fully managed website builder like Easysite you don’t have to worry about hosting. We manage the entire hosting aspect for you so that frees up your time (and technical headaches) to get on and build your site.

#4 – Business Email Address

If you are serious about your online business you will get a business email address. This looks more professional. People don't really know who they are dealing with when you have a email address like joe@freemail.com - Rather have joe@mybusiness.com this looks more professional.


It’s not easy to build trust and gain credibility on the internet. That's why people see businesses that are using free email accounts for their business as unprofessional and could think the business is not trustworthy.

#5 – Website Template Design

Being able to change the look of your site is important. We have lots of great looking professional website templates for you to choose from. Even if you have a few pages built you can change your website template with-out loosing any content you have uploaded.


Don't think you need to choose a website designer to build your websites look. With a few clicks your Easysite website will have a new look and feel. So don't waste money hiring a web guy when you can save by doing it yourself.

#6 – Logo Design

Using a Logo is a great way to help create a brand for your business and website.

Try these 2 ways to get a great logo for your new site:


  1. Option 1: Hire a graphic designer from https://99designs.co.uk
  2. Option 2: Use a logo generator to create your own logo in 1 minute from https://www.tailorbrands.com

#7 – High-Quality Images For Your Website

Using high quality images gives your site that professional look. Yes, using high-quality graphics and photography is the easiest way to help make your website look 100x better.


Not everyone is a gifted photographer, so finding professional images for your website can be a challenge. No need to panic, though. Here are some awesome sources where you can find beautiful images to boost the professionalism of your website:


#8 – Image Editors

Image editors can help you get the look you want. They can also resize images and reduce the file size without effecting the image quality. Below are some image editors we recommend:


#9 – Google Analytics

You need to know how many visitors your site gets, what search engines they used to find your site, which page they visit the most, how long they stay on each page, and the keywords that visitors used to find your site.


Google analytics is the data analytics tool you need to understand how your visitors are interacting with your website. All such data can be used to help you understand your visitor better and know which pages you need to improve.


Easysite has everything you need to build a website. We even include eCommerce software. Start by building your website for free, then only pay $19.95/monthly sign up below for free.

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