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What Is a Website Builder? A website builder is a tool that is used to construct a website without manual code editing or any web design knowledge.
There is a lot of website building software to choose from nowadays some better than others to help you create your own website, no technical knowledge needed the website builder does all the coding for you.

Choosing the correct website builder to design a web page is probably the most important factor in determining the success of your website. This article will help you know what features to look for in a website builder. It will also help you know if you're getting a competitive price for the services you are getting.


Lastly, we will discuss the differences between a regular website builder and an ecommerce website builder. (When you sign up to Easysite you get both). This means you build a website and if you decide to sell products from your site later you can and it won't cost any extra.


what is the best website builder
What is a website builder


What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is an online system or site that can be used to create a website. The best website builder systems will let you make a website quickly and easily. The produced end result is a site that will look great and rank well with popular search engines like Google. When our customers ask, "What is a website builder?" we will often walk them through the sign-up process to build a website.


Once they try out the website builder software they experience for themselves how to make a website. When they initially try out the easy website builder they start with a free trial to use a free website builder no ads for up to 30 days.

We created our website hosting with site builder so anyone can build a website within a matter of minutes. We consider Easysite to be the best small business website builder available today. If you're searching for a do it yourself website builder please visit www.easysite.com for more information.


Other sites that offer a similar service that you can find when you search for "what is a website builder" are Wix website builder, Go Daddy website builder and Yola website builder. One nice advantage of Easysite is that they give you a free domain name with the service. Other services will make you purchase a domain name separately.

How Much Should A Website Builder Cost?

The cost for a website builder can range between free up to $200 per month. A free website builder obviously doesn't cost anything. The problem with using a free website builder is that the service you use will most likely place advertisements on your site. Some of these services will also sell your personal information to companies to market products to you. The bottom line is that a free website builder is always going to present challenges that will prevent your business from having a professional online presence.

A cheap website builder with professional features that include an ecommerce website builder and hosting should start at around $20 per month. These systems will include all the features for a shopping cart website builder. In fact, any business site builder should offer a website builder with shopping cart as a standard part of the service and not for an additional fee.

Online Shopping Website Builder

To be clear, by online shopping website builder, we mean that the ecommerce website builder you're going to use to make a website will let visitors to your site purchase products and services directly from your site. The ecommerce website builder and hosting system that you use will easily let you add items to the site that are you sell. Once they are posted to the site using your ecommerce website builder, they are instantly available for visitors to purchase. If you use an easy ecommerce website builder, the process of posting items including pictures and options will be simple and quick.

An ecommerce website builder may cost a bit more per month then a system that doesn't include an online shopping website builder. The price difference is worth it though once you learn how to make money on the web. Your ecommerce website builder may charge you a percentage of the transactions that process through your web page. For example if they charge 5% and you sell a widget off your site for $100, you would be charged $5 for the transaction fee. Because of this, it is very important to check the fine print before you choose your ecommerce website builder. Easysite doesn't charge any fees for transactions when you create a website using their easy website builder.

When people think about what is a website builder, they often don't consider the ability to sell things online. Many times having this ability is what separates a profession site level from a standard business site level. If you think you're going to sell products online, make sure that the easy website builder you choose has this feature built in or is able to upgrade at a future point to include this ability.

Mobile Website

More and more people are accessing the Internet using mobile device such as smart phones. If you choose the best website builder, mobile website builder software should be included. By mobile websites, we mean that the site you create will be a "responsive website". Responsive simply means that the site layout will change automatically to adapt to the screen size that it's being displayed on. The best website builder systems will have this built in automatically.

Being able to build a website that is optimized for mobile devices by being responsive is no longer a feature that can be ignored. When this is implemented, it saves you from either creating a mobile application or creating a separate mobile version of the site. These days, with so much traffic coming from mobile devices visitors expect to have a good experience with the user interface of your site. This happens if your website looks and feels like it was only designed to be used from a desktop or laptop computer.

Remember to look for mobile support or responsive site creation when you select your easy website builder to use for your professional development. The best website builder that you find will have this built in and not be another add-on and extra feature. Many cheap website builder services will not include this ability.

Do It Yourself Website Builder

Many people we talk to think, "How can I design a web page? I barely know how to send an email." Believe us, creating a site is much easier than it used to be when you had to purchase and install website building software then export the site and upload it to a server.

These days the best website builder software is available for use from within your browser. That's it. No software to install, no programing code and no confusing systems. It's now easy and fun to learn how to design your own web site. Besides that if you're looking for a cheap website builder using an online service is way to go. Many will start with a free trial to evaluate the easy website builder will work for their needs.

If you can get online and use a mouse, you too can create a website.

How To Get Started

If you came to this page thinking, "How do I create a web site?" we would like to invite you to try Easysite to create a free website trial by visiting www.easysite.com. The pricing is very low and competitive with other cheap website builder solutions. Also, if you're looking for on online shopping website builder or online store website builder there is no system easier to use. The areas were our site builder excels in are small business web page design, church website builder, non-profit site builder as well as ecommerce website builder.

Beyond being one of the best do it yourself site builders, Easysite also come with free telephone support and online video tutorials to help you learn even more about what is a website builder. We know there are lots of web builders available. Wix and GoDaddy can afford Superbowl commercials, but we believe we offer the best value at a fair price along with unsurpassed customer support. Call us now to try it out and ask any further questions you might have. You can reach our offices weekdays at 877 832-7974. We would love to talk to you to help you develop and grow your online business. Together let's turn that dream into a web page.

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