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What is website hosting? Simple put its a place where your files are kept when you create a website. People using the internet can then see those files in the form of web pages on their computers. In this age of technology, running a business and not having a business website design that reflects your business is probably one of the worst business decisions that you can make.


Hi my name is Steve Sivulka (that's me on the left) and I have been making websites since the late 1990s. One of my first ideas for a  website turned into The idea was to collect  all the videos that people are sending to each other over email and  use them to create a website where visitors can play these videos   -demand. Yes, like YouTube...only five years ahead of them. The site was hosted hundreds of humorous, short video clips and was very popular during the time our team ran it from 2000 to 2005.


Since StupidVideos, the core group of developers has done a lot of web development consulting for larger companies under the name Akluvis ( We have done projects for Universal Pictures, American Honda Motor Company, Toyota, Lexus, Leica, Greenlee, etc.

With all the knowledge we acquired from creating lots of different developments, we decided to create our own website builder, Easysite ( Easysite is the easy way to create a website and design a web page. You get a free domain, website hosting and one of the easiest and best site builders to build your site, with lots of  professional level features, you can even try create a website free for 30 days.

If You Are Looking To Build A Well-Designed, Robust, Feature-Rich Looking Website

If you are looking to build a well-designed, robust, feature-rich and professional looking website we can help. You do not need to sign up to any website hosting company, you do not need to register a domain name with a domain registrar. All you need is a internet connection, a laptop or computer and Using Easysite you get a free domain, website hosting, site builder and a store page. If you want it to sell stuff from your site just activate the store page and presto you can add products and start selling directly from your store. Unlike other sites no upgrade is needed, no extra to pay.


When you create a strong presence on the web. It can help you reach out to more and more potential customers and keep in touch with the existing ones. Designing a website, especially a business website is tough. It is expensive. And yet, all these worries can be easily taken care of, if you choose to go the ‘Easysite’ way. Easysite is one of the best website builders out there and helps you design a website without anyone else's help. Just you and your Internet connection, and a browser – that's all you need.

Why exactly is our team at Easysite several notches better than other web development service providers?

We will tell you in a while. First, let’s focus on one of the most important aspects of web development – Website Hosting.

What Is Website Hosting All About?


Get fast reliable website hosting from Easysite
Get fast reliable website hosting from Easysite

Website hosting, allows your website to be accessed by anyone who has an Internet connection. You can design a site at home on your computer, view it and make changes to it. But then, only you will be able to access it as its on your computer. Until you host the site on a server, no one else will be able to view it, and the entire purpose of creating the website would be defeated.


Once you have website hosting and publish your site its ‘live’, that means that it can be found on the World Wide Web. It works like this when you use Easysite. As soon as you create a new page or post and publish the page that content is uploaded to specialised computers called ‘servers’.

In order to have your site stay up and running all the time, it is important to opt for reliable website hosting services. What are the things that your website hosting service provider should do?

A Reliable Website Hosting Service Provider Should Ensure That Your Site Loads Fast
Your site does not load slowly. According to a survey, most users move out of your site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. This can bring down your site’s search engine rankings. This, in turn, can keep your brand from reaching out to your prospects and that can make you lose out on numerous opportunities to generate more leads for your business. Ensure you have fast reliable hosting and not to many images on the page.

A reliable website hosting service provider should ensure your site does not go down at ANY point in time. If its down all the time visitors won't be able to see it when it is down, and it will effect your rankings. If you have lots of visitors at one time it should not crash. 

There are many web development service providers who provide you free web hosting services. Yes, but they also give you lousy web hosting services – an issue that will require you to spend more money later on. Read why you should not create a free website.

Why Opt For Easysite?
Easysite offers you website hosting services that are reliable and come with a great bandwidth. When you register with us, we provide you with a free domain name, which you can retain even if you discontinue using our services later on. The domain name is something you own and you can transfer it to a different provider if you stop using – we won’t charge you $300 to transfer it like other company's or hold you hostage (see our terms and conditions).

Moving forward, here are a few other reasons why you should go for Easysite and no other service provider. You are a non-techie. You don’t know HTML or CSS. You don’t get a good feeling about using computers – you have this constant fear that you will goof up. All you know is how to type and click using the keyboard and the mouse.


And that is all that you need when designing a site with Easysite. You don’t need to know tech stuff – you register with us, and we will help you create a website without a hitch.

Did you just read that last line? We said we will ‘help’ you create one. Yes, you are the one who is in complete charge. We are there to assist you at every step. But you are the one who gets to take the call on everything.

It doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. Going by the industry standards, our services are very affordable, and include additional benefits like free domain name website hosting and a top level site builder.

You can update the site all by yourself without waiting for your web designer to take time out of his busy schedule and implement them for you. You can add or change the text, images, videos and any other design element all by yourself and even when you are travelling.

In this age of mobile technology, it is very important to have a mobile responsive website. There are many people who access the web from their phones and tablets. If all they can see is a stripped version of your site on their phone, there is little chance of them staying there for long.

Easysite offers you many responsive website design templates to choose from so that you can create an appealing responsive website to catch the attention of those customers waiting to be won.

We link your site to your brand’s social media profiles. We add Facebook and Twitter buttons to your site so that your customers can stay connected to you on social media.

Where else will you get such reliable services and ease of use at such affordable rates? If you still have a few queries left, we will be more than happy to oblige. You can get in touch with us at 877 832-7974 or email us at

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