The Ultimate Guide To Building A Healthy Backlink Profile By Staying Away From Bad Links



Links have a direct connection to search rankings. More quality backlinks you have pointing to your site the better it will rank. Links are the most significant factor in SEO today, and it is essential to acquire good quality links organically.


There was a time when a large number of links was good enough to impress search engines. However, those days when black hat practitioners had a field day are gone! Today, even if you have thousands of links, it may not be of any use if search engines find that the quality are poor. There is no place for low-quality links in SEO today.


While numbers do matter, quality overrides the numerical superiority. For effective implementation of SEO, you would require a substantial quantity of good quality backlinks to stake the claim for higher ranks. Google would surely reward you with top rankings.

Why Are Links So Necessary?

To impress search engines, you have to create high-quality content that demonstrates authority and context. If the quality is good it will get shared on social media and other websites, thus building natural backlinks. The more high quality backlinks pointing to a page the better that page will rank on search engines.


The links are signals that help Google to ascertain the power and authority of the web page. Naturally, the higher the number of useful backlinks that a page carries the higher the chances of occupying the top spots in search results because links translate into authority.


Links not only improve search rankings but drives organic traffic to websites. Therefore, link building becomes a priority, and you can find professional link building services to create a healthy link profile. For earning links, you have to create high-quality content and must ensure that the links flow in from diverse sites to enrich the link profile and make it look impressive to search engines. Sites with links from higher domain authority appear higher in search rankings.

Build A Clean And Robust Link Profile

Creating a proper link building campaign ensures that you gather only quality links from high-quality websites with high domain authority that payback well and keep your link repository free from any harmful links.


The problem is that it is not always possible to evaluate the link quality during the process of acquisition, which is the reason why you must shuffle your inventory periodically to identify and weed out poor quality links. The trick lies in knowing what constitutes poor backlinks so that its identification becomes easy. In this article, we will discuss how you can identify backlinks and what method you should use to remove them.

Assess The Quality Of The Website

You might create great content that gathers proper attention and links start flowing in. The flow of links is undoubtedly encouraging, but you must be cautious in accepting links because not all links are of good quality. Therefore, just because links start raining on your website, it should not make you happy unless you are sure that it would do some good.


The authority of the site where links originate from impact the quality of links that flow from it. Judging the quality of a website that offers a link is an excellent way to understand the quality of link.


It is not surprising to come across websites set up just to cater to SEO and behave like link factories. The purpose of these websites are to act as a benevolent source of links, which does not help the SEO cause.


These websites are part of a clandestine network that lures unsuspecting sites and causes more harm by sharing links. The Twenty Eleven WordPress theme is most noted for building such websites and be cautious if you come across any.

Avoid Spambots Generated Links

If you start receiving links in the form of comments on your website, be skeptical about it because it could be the handiwork of spambots posing as humans. No matter how much encouraging the comments might appear, act with restraint and keep it at arm’s length because it carries a hollow link that is only decorative and has no value.


Be careful to avoid the trap and act smartly by denouncing the links. Make sure that your backlinks profile does not contain comment spam links as it can weaken your link profile.

Check The Content Quality Of Websites

A good website carries high-quality content, created with a purpose that makes for an engaging read. If you find that the site is offering the links contains low-quality content, does not have the right structure, and is poorly presented, then it is a sign of a poor website, and you do not want a link from that site.


As Google dislikes low quality websites, it would attract its wrath in no time. The best way is to not get links from them.


Focus on links related to the topic of your website. Besides ensuring that you earn links organically, it is equally important to judge the quality of link by knowing how it could be useful for you. Links are important for impressing search engines. They are like a vote. The more quality votes the higher your site ranks on web searches.


To enjoy the value of links, you must ensure that it comes from websites that have relevance to the location of your business and the market in which you operate. For catering to the US market, links from Japan for example will be of no use.

Remove Bad Links

When you want a poor quality link removed, the first step that you should take is to request the site owner to remove the link. If you meet with any unfriendly response, then the only way to suppress it is to disavow the link.


By disavowing links, you send a positive signal to Google about your good intentions of retaining good quality links only. Google leaves out disavowed links when assessing websites and it negates the harmful effects.


Assessing websites before acquiring links would save you the hassle of cleaning the link inventory, which is not always a pleasing exercise.

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