The Easiest Way To Create A Website



The easiest way to create a website is to use a website builder that offers you everything, even eCommerce software at no extra cost and lets you try all the features for free. That way you know exactly how it works and what you will get for the money you spend. Here at Easysite we have the perfect solution, we don't ask for credit card details or require any payment. Try create a website free for 30 days with our site builder, we think you will find it the easiest way to create a website. We even give you a free domain.

In this age of mobile technology, building a strong online presence is necessary for your
business. The key to successful marketing is to be where your customers are. How can you be where they are? Easy create your own website using Your potential customers are all over the world and in different time zones, and it might not be physically possible for you to meet all of them, unless your business is online. Having a website for your business is also a cost-effective way of advertising your business.


While many web developers in the market might lead you into thinking that creating a website is a difficult thing to do, in reality it is not so. Not if you do it with Easysite, the easiest way to create a website. True to its name, Easysite makes creating a website very easy. How, you ask? We give you a comprehensive list. Take a look.

8 Ways In Which Easysite Makes It Super Easy To Build Your Own Website In A Few Steps

The easiest way to create a website
The easiest way to create a website

1. You don’t need to be well-versed in programming languages to create a professional website for your business. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS or do any complicated data crunching to create a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website. You just need to have a basic knowledge of working with the computer (and that includes knowing how to use the mouse and the keyboard) and you are sorted. Yes, it’s that easy! So why wait for an appointment with a pricey web development service provider when you can take complete charge and use Easysite to create your own website.

2. In this age of smartphones and tablets, your website needs to be responsive. You can choose from our responsive site templates to create a website that will look awesome, no matter which mobile device it is seen on. Your customer can visit your site from a mobile device with a small screen, iPad or Computer and your site will look great.

3. Just creating a site will not do any good if it does not show up in search engine results. Our unique search engine optimisation technology ensures that your website gets built exactly the way leading search engines want websites to be built. You do not need to get a SEO guy on board to get your site indexed and have it rank in the search engine results.

4. These days, almost everyone is on social media. Many of your customers definitely are. Spread the word about your website via social media. Link your business’ social media profiles to your website and you’ll find more visitors landing up on your website. At Easysite, we will do this for you. You don’t need to hire a social media marketing professional to integrate the social channels with your website.

5. Your website need not be just a way to let your customers know what you are offering. You can sell directly from your website. We help you create a website complete with shopping cart. Now you can sell your products/services 24x7.

6. When you register with us, we give you a domain name for your website and we don’t charge you anything for it! Yes, it is free. And it’s yours to keep for your entire lifetime. Even if you choose to discontinue using our services.

7. We also provide reliable web hosting services that come with a great bandwidth. So even if the number of visitors to your site spikes suddenly, you no longer need to worry about your site staying up. Your site will always stay up and running. It will not go down at any point of time.

8. Maintaining a website can be expensive but we help bring the cost down. You no longer need to seek the assistance of a web developer to make changes to your website. You can change any design element, add or replace photos and modify the text all by yourself, and whenever you want.

And you get all these at an affordable price. So now that you know how Easysite makes the job easy, let’s show you exactly how easy it is.
How To Create A Site With Easysite
1. Log on to Key in the personal details that are asked of you, and submit. You will be taken to your new website.

2. In the main menu, close to the top of the page, you will find a store link. Click on that link. Next, you can sync you site with your PayPal account.

3. After integrating your website with your PayPal account, you can start updating it. Click on links marked ‘add department’ and ‘add items’ to add various departments and items that you want to list in those departments, to your website. You can also add prices of the listed items in the same way.

Now wasn’t that easy? We also offer an ‘email blast’ feature that helps you keep your customers in loop about your new offerings or any discounts that you’re offering on your products/services.

In case, you still have a few queries left before you decide to work with us, we will be happy to answer them. You can give us a call at 877 832-7974 or shoot us an email at

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