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If you want to start selling products online you have come to the right place. is your one stop website builder that includes eCommerce software free. So if you are ready to build your own eCommerce site, Easysite should be your first choice. You can even try our site builder and all the features we have to offer free for 30 days.


You Get:


Top level fast reliable web hosting.
A free domain name when you sign up.
Ecommerce software included with every package.
Top level support when you need it.



These days, it is imperative for most businesses to have an online presence. After all, the thumb rule for any business is to be where its customers are. Also, via your own business website, you can do more than just spread awareness about your products or services. You can sell your products or services online and reach out to even those customers who are not in the immediate vicinity of your store. 

You can also reach customers in different time zones. Your customers, on the other hand, can access your online store round the clock as compared to a physical store. These are some of the many benefits of selling products online. Some of you might be aware of all these already. However, what many are not aware of is the ease with which you can create an e-commerce website. Yes, it is very easy if you do it with Easysite, one of the best website builders out there. We will tell you how much easy, just a little later. First, we tell you a few things that you need to do when you start selling products online.

Tips On How To Open Your Store Website

First, you need to decide on your budget. This can help you decide on the scale at which you want to operate your business.


You need to focus on developing a strong brand identity for your business. This would involve designing an attractive logo and a catchy slogan/tagline.


Plan a marketing strategy that not just looks good on paper but also works effectively. Research the industry trends. Find out what your competitors are doing and where they are lagging behind. Exploring trends and learning from your own mistakes as well as those of your competitors can help you successfully sell products online.


Find a simple shopping cart system like - The more pages and clicks between clicking "add to cart" and completing payment, the more opportunities people will have to abandon their cart.


If you have sold all your stock take the customers details and as soon as you have more stock contact them and ask them if they are still looking for the product.


Now that you know what you need to look out for when running an online business, we tell you why you should choose Easysite over other website builders.


8 Reasons Why Easysite Is the Best Website Builder Out There To Start Selling Products Online


1. You do not need to be very tech-savvy to create a robust, feature-rich website via which you can sell products online. You do not need to be a pro at programming languages. You need not bother about installing software. Do you know how to operate a computer? If not, please ask a friend of yours to show you how to use one. That is all that you are going to need, when you start to create your own website with Easysite.

2. You do not need to worry about buying a domain name. Yes, this is an essential aspect of developing a website but we take care of it so you need not bother at all. After the initial site payment, we will give you a domain name free that you will be able to retain for your whole lifetime. The domain name we give you is yours, even if you leave we will transfer your domain for free to a registrar of your choice.

3. We also provide web hosting services that are reliable and come with great bandwidth. No matter how many visitors land up in your website, you need not worry that you site will go down. Our reliable services ensure your site stays up and running, round the clock.

4. We build sites in such a way that they are perfectly indexed by search engine robots and automatically get listed in search engine results. You do not need to get a search engine optimisation (SEO) professional to make sure your website shows up when your customers search online for products that are similar to what you offer. 

5. These days, you can’t run a business and not talk about it on social media. Linking the Facebook and Twitter profiles of your brand to your website can generate more leads. You can also explore new social networking platforms like Pinterest and Instagram and add corresponding buttons to your site. All you need to do is tell us what you want and watch us give shape to your plans.

6. We ensure your site has a responsive design so that every time it is accessed from a mobile device, it looks as beautiful as on a desktop. We offer you many responsive design templates to choose from.

7. Updating and maintaining a website requires quite a bit of money as well. However, creating a site with Easysite can bring down this cost. You can update the site all by yourself without hiring anyone. You can add text, add or change videos and replace or add new pictures all by yourself, even while you are on the move.

8. While you get to take the final call on every aspect of creating a website, we are there to assist you at every step. Our support desk offers free technical support via phone and email, round the clock. 


One of the greatest perks of working with us is that you get to enjoy all the above benefits for less than $20.00 p/m. Now isn’t that great news?

Still have a query or two bothering you? Don’t keep them to yourself. Feel free to speak your mind or watch our video tutorials on how to create a website. You can have a chat with us at 877-832-7974. You can also write to us at We will get back to you soon.


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