Social Media And Your Easysite Website



How To Make Social Media More Powerful


Social Media and your website. Learn how to make Social Media more powerful for you. How do you master the art of Social Media? You might have figured out by now that each social media channel is different, and each has its unique way to effectively market to your audience.


The truth is, you won't find a single technique that's useful on all of these mediums. However, here are a few powerful tips that can be useful to various social networks most of the time.

Think Quality Over Quantity

Which would you choose? A thousand die-hard followers and fans who comment, share, and like all your content and posts, or tens of thousands of followers who don't interact, or worse… don't even know that you exist? That's why it's never a good idea to buy likes and followers. For the record, it's not allowed.


If Facebook or Instagram gets a whiff that you're buying likes and followers, they might close your account. So the moral of the story? Slow and steady growth wins the race. Increasing your followers organically may take a lot of effort, time, and sweat, but if you've built a loyal fan base, everything will pay off sweetly in the end.

Content Is Always King

Contact is King. Do you know the difference between so-so content versus content that is exciting and engaging? Compelling material is something that catches your reader's attention from start to end, as they hang on to every word you're saying.


When you reach the call of action, they're sold. They're filing in your email forms, and you're generating leads and closing more sales. Did you blink and miss it? How did it happen? Again, we can't emphasize it enough: create content that's engaging to your readers.


People will always have that “what's in it for me” question at the back of their heads. Supply them with what they need and want to watch. Remember it isn't about you. It's about your audience. You should try to tone down the sales and marketing messages and instead give useful and actionable data that is of value. It's not counterproductive, as others might think it is. Over time, people will see you as a person or company of authority (in your specific niche), and they will trust you more.

Create Your Own Content

There may be a lot of people out there telling you to share other people's content most of the time. Of course, if you've come across fantastic material from a community member, it makes sense to share it with people when creating a website. But the goal here is not to lose your focus. You want to gain more leads.


You wanted people signing up for your email list. You want to sell. Therefore your strategy here is to let people visit your website, not other people's. Learn to focus on crafting your own content that can potentially engage people.


A good marketing strategy is dedicating at least one quarter of what you post to promoting a service you offer or product you sell while still educating and inspiring the reader. Then make the remaining posts dedicated to marketing your business or services, through a blog article, for example.

Learn The Power Of Social Media Advertising

Social media mediums like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have useful tools wherein they allow you to accurately target your audience through social media advertising. On Facebook, for example, you can choose a particular demographic that you feel is relevant to your given niche.


You can also target people based on their interests. That way, you can connect with people who are passionate about what you do. Take time to learn the system. It's a form of paid marketing, therefore, start small and experiment to learn which posts work best for your audience and which ones do not. You will gain valuable insights over time.

Learn To Listen And Be Readily Available To Your Community

Without your audience, you wouldn't exist. That's why it's called social media, folks. Learn to listen to feedback and take actionable steps. Always engage with your community on a regular basis. That way, they won’t think of you as another generic brand or website, but a brand or business that has a heart. It makes you relatable, and people are going to be engaged with your brand or organization more.

The Takeaway

Remember, growing your social media presence takes a lot of hard work, and it's not going to be built overnight. However, with the right amount of grit, drive, and determination you'll likely find yourself on the road to success in no time.

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