Six Simple Steps To Boost Your Business



If you are in business you need a website. Here at Easysite we invite you to build a website using our easy to use website builder. Next follow our six simple steps to boost your business. But first sign up below and try Easysite free for 30 days. Don't have the time to create a website then let us help find out more about our we build it option.


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1. Join Social Media Websites And Brand Yourself

Once you have created your Easysite website you need to share your content on social media. To do this you need to sign up and create well branded social media pages. Try create unique pages. It may be obvious but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget that there are millions of companies in the world, some of which are likely to have similar names and brands as you.


You need a social media page that clearly speaks for your business with plenty of logos and pictures. People that visit the page need to know exactly what your business is about. The best thing to do is fill in all the fields when creating your business profile. Don't leave anything to chance, you don't want people having questions about who you are and what you do.

2. Build New Customers And Get Your Existing Customers Behind You

Start by finding all your existing customers and invite them to join you on your social media accounts. Easysite makes it easy for you to display your social media profiles with some eye catching icons linking your profiles to your business’s website. This will encourage visitors to connect with you on your social networks.


Why not send out a news letter and invite all your old customers and existing clients to follow you. Offer incentives such as being able to staying up-to-date with your business and receiving exclusive information about your latest products through your social media channels and be sure to deliver these!

3. Learn About Hashtags

Everyone uses hashtags are you? What are hashtags? A hashtag is a word or a phrase preceded by the hash mark “#” and it’s used to organise and to keep track of similar information around a particular topic. So whenever someone adds a hashtag to a post, the social network indexes it and makes it searchable.


So why use hashtags? They’re a great way to tag your content and to increase the chances of your target audience finding it on social media. Think about it – what better way to filter social media buzz and gather your audience around topics of interest than hashtags?


People could find your content when they search for a topic using hashtags. So it makes sense to include hashtags in your social media posts, also include your website URL in the post to gain more traffic to your site. If questions are asked answer. People will be more likely to follow you if you are useful to them.

4. Create Interesting Sharable Content

Content that's interesting gets shared. That's a fact. Its the internet equivalent to word of mouth. The more people that share your content the more people that will see it. Try create content that will go viral, you never know it just might.

5. Promote Your Best Content

You do a lot of hard work and research to produce up-to-date great content. Make sure your best content gets seen by promoting it. Let people know whenever you have posted something you really want them to see.


By promoting your top posts, you’re driving people to your page and showcasing the best posts will make them want to explore more of what you have to say. Social media is one of the best forms of promotion because it can reach huge masses of people for free, or you could pay to promote your posts and that's pretty cost effective. You can pay to promote your posts on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Get To Know Your Visitors And Interact With Them

Social media can be used as a marketing tool, but you can also interact. Use your social media channels as a way for you to really communicate with your followers and show them that they are valued as customers.


You could also start polls and discussions where people can get involved and share their opinions. These are good ways to keep your customers engaged and interested in your social media page, and keep them coming back.

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