Our Web Developers Can Build Your Website For You



If you don't have the time to try build a website using Easysite, why not let our Easysite web developers build your website for you. Tell a developer what type of site you are looking for and he will build it. Easy as that.


If you have a business to run and don't have the time to try build a website we can build it. We understand for what ever reason you may not want to build a website yourself. Even if Easysite has been designed to be user friendly and no coding knowledge or web design knowledge needed to create a website.

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CALL: (877) 832-7974 EMAIL: mike@easysite.com FIND OUT MORE: We build it.


The first thing you need to do is contact us. You will be assigned a Easysite web developer. The Easysite web developer will ask you a few questions about the type of website you would like built. It would help if you looked at other websites on the internet for the type of design you liked. You could also send those URLs in an email to the Easysite developer. This would give your web developer some idea of the design you would like him to build.


After you have answered the web developers questions and paid a small deposit the developer will start to develop your site. This could take a few days. The developer will work closely with you to get the design you want. He could even call you on your mobile to make changes live to save time and get your new site built in super quick time.


Once your Easysite developer has designed your site and added the content he hands over your site to you. Our web development team can have your new website live on the World wide web in days.


What's my new custom designed website from Easysite going to cost?


For every business cost is important, that's why our we build it program is very affordable for small business. Starting from as little as $199 for a five page custom website.


Easysite website builder will cost $19.95 monthly. No downloads. Easysite is all you need to build a website. It doesnt matter if we create your website or you create it Easysite should be your first choice.




Hosting is important. All our websites have fast reliable hosting that won't let you down. This means that when visitors visit your Easysite website it will load fast on any of their devices. People don't wait for slow websites to load, they just move on to the next faster loading site.




You may want to edit or update your site in your time. Easysites editor is easy to use and will do all the coding for you. This means that you can update or add content to your site in the comfort of your home or office.




Every website includes a free store page. This means that you can even create an online store section and start selling online. The store option can be switched on or off and does not cost any extra.




We include a free domain when you make your first payment. Its free for as long as you pay the monthly subscription and stay with Easysite. If you decide to leave Easysite and have a free domain, we will transfer your free domain to a domain registrar of your choice for free.


If you already own your own domain name we can also use that and point your domain name at your new Easysite.

How It Works

You get in touch with one of our web developers. Answer some simple questions about the look of your new website, style preferences, colors, fonts etc. You could even send us links to sites that have the look and feel you like. This will help build a picture in the web developers mind of what you want your website to look like.


The more information you give the developer to work with, the better your custom design will be so try give him all your ideas in the first email. Remember the developer is writing codes for the design. Its no good sending information once the design has been agreed upon. As that will in cure additional design costs.


As well as your design we include adding the content. This means you get a custom design 5 page starter website with content for as low as $199.00 - Contact us today to find out more.

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