How To Write A Good Blog Post



Are you thinking of starting a blog? Then you should read this article on how to write a good blog post. Blogging has loads of benefits like establishing yourself or your brand on the the World Wide web.


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how to write a good blog post
How to write a good blog post

Grab Their Attention With A Killer Headline

The first thing your reader sees is your headline. Make sure its bigger than all the other text. It must grab your readers attention. That way they will want to read the rest of the article. That’s why it’s important to nail this aspect, so you can hit the ground running!


How do you construct a headline that stands out in the crowd? Here are some tips to help you entice your visitors:


  1. Make your headers short and catchy.
  2. Grab them with a hook by asking a question.
  3. People are drawn to numbers so giving em’ the essentials.
  4. Show them the added value of reading your blog.


These type of headlines attract readers and can work wonders for your website.

Spend Time On Your Introduction

Well done! If you have a great headline it will attract visitors to your blog post.


Next is step two: lets try and keep them interested.


The most important part is the first few sentences. Its important for your readers and for Google. The first paragraph tells readers if they are in the right place. It also helps tell Google where to place the page on search results.


Remember an intro is an intro its not 2 pages long. Keep it short and to the point so you don’t lose your readers.

Make Each Paragraph Heading Interesting And What The Paragraph Of Text Below It Is About

Lots of readers will firstly take a quick glance at the page. They will probably read the paragraph titles before committing to reading the whole article.


Its important to break up the page into well organized sections of text with helpful subtitles. This allows your reader to check if the information is applicable to them.


This way of writing will benefit your readers and work wonders with search engines like Google. As it helps search engines figure out what the page is about, helping them to place your page on the correct search results for the keywords.


In addition to having great subheadings to catch those wandering eyes, we suggest breaking down your material into more digestible content that's easy on the eyes and easy to read.


You can also add bold or italic text to highlight important information you want your readers to read. All of this can be helpful ways to direct attention to crucial information.

Divide Your Page Up With Pictures That Relate To The Page Content Add Keywords To The Alt Text

Picture - learn how to create a website
Picture - learn how to create a website


In addition to a well written blog post, get some great looking pictures to help illustrate your text.


Your pictures should add value to your blog. Images are a great way to catch your readers attention. You can also name the pictures with keywords and add keywords to the alt text tag in the image tag, helping tell search engines what the page is about.


Pictures help. Make sure they are good quality. If you have beautiful pictures your visitors will associate that with your brand.

Quality Over Quantity

To make a good blog post must it be short or long? That is the big question on web development.


Lots of bloggers say around 1400 word blog posts or articles are more likely to to be spotted by Google. It takes longer to read the article, more time the reader spends on your site, and hopefully they share your content. Don't waste your time writing a 2000 word article if you are just filling it with nonsense and off topic content.


This will just annoy your readers and get you no where on Google. There is no magic formula for how long your blog should be. We would suggest at least 800 words. Just make sure its unique and well written. Remember its all about quality over quantity.

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