How To Make A Conversion Driven Website Using Easysite



Easysite is the perfect do-it-yourself website builder to build your own conversion driven website with. The competition on the web is growing rapidly with every new day. In case you don’t know what conversion rate optimization is, it’s the process of converting your visitors into customers.


When building your conversion driven website using Easysite, you will find it easy to use. No web design knowledge required. No coding knowledge needed. You can even start building your site free for 30 days without giving any bank details. All you do is sign up here and get building.


A lot of marketers are now obsessed with the idea of conversion rate optimization. It is, however, easier said than done and is known to be quite challenging, that's why we have some tips for you to boost your conversion rate and make your website a powerhouse for success.




STEP 1. Sign up here and try Easysite free for 30 days. You get all the tools need to build your own website. Reliable fast hosting, a free domain name, eCommerce software included, web site builder, and lots of helpful support when you need it.


CONTACT US. If you do not have the time to create your own website then contact us and our web development team will build your website for you. Prices start from as little as $199 for a 5 page website, we will create a unique design and add the content for you, find out more about our we-build-it program.

Create A Mobile Friendly/Responsive Design Website


If you want to get the most from your new website it must be mobile friendly. What is mobile friendly? Mobile friendly means that your website will adjust itself and look great on any mobile device that its viewed on. In fact it should look great on any device.


If you have a old website that's not mobile friendly and you not sure how to get a mobile friendly website talk to us. Rest assured when building a website using Easysite it will be mobile friendly. Your new Easysite website will look great on any device.


If you are thinking about making a new website it must be responsive. You must make sure that when visitors visit your site it looks great, on any device they are using. When making your website mobile device friendly, there’s somethings to remember:


  • Design your website so it’s easy to navigate when converted to a small screen. Keep in mind that mobile phone users use their thumbs to navigate so the navigation points need to be large, easy to see and easy to press. All our templates automatically do this.
  • Content needs to be kept on topic, straight to the point and easy to read.
  • Use larger fonts for headings and titles to help improve the readability of content and navigation points for mobile users.
  • Never clutter your page. Remember having a responsive design that's cluttered will only be confusing. You don’t need to fit everything on it. Just the necessary key parts that help to drive conversions up.

It’s important to have a responsive web design and mobile compatible when designing your new website. You get this and lots more when making a website using Easysite.

Page Load Time

When it comes to conversions website speed is important. Think about it. You do not wait for a website to load why should your visitors. Just like you, when a web page loads slow visitors will click the back button and find another faster loading website.


As reported by Amazon, a one-second delay in page load speeds costs about 1.6 billion dollars in sales income. Research says that 50% of website audiences want mobile sites to load in 2 seconds or less. Because of this it’s important to help reduce the page load time. You can do this by:


  • Optimizing images to help reduce bandwidth usages. Instead of uploading a huge image that your internal programs will scale down, choose smaller images that still show up as the same size where you need them to, but so they load a lot faster.
  • Enable browser caching to help you improve load times. Browser caching helps to store data on a visitor’s computer so when searching the page, it doesn’t have to load a new page each time. Instead there’s a copy of the page that comes up straight away. Generally, login pages use browser caching to help visitors log in faster as it remembers the information.
  • If you have JavaScript files on your page, place them below the fold and allow your content to load first. This will give your page ample time to load before loading the script. This is one of the main reasons some websites take forever to load.
  • Remove any unwanted visual animations and elements which may be slowing down the load time. Animations especially can slow everything down. If you don’t need it to be there, don’t add it to your website.
  • Minimize redirects to help speed things up. When a page has to redirect to another page the load time takes longer. Try to aim for a straight link to a set page.

Load times are key to successful conversion, try to keep your load time fast so you can boost your conversion rate.

Use Content To Your Advantage

Content is King. Content is powerful and can help to drive more conversions from your website. When used correctly you can see a big difference in your overall end profit. When creating and positioning content for your website, here’s some things to think of:


  • Content should be unique and not copied from other websites. People and search engines are looking for great articles that are well written. Unique content also helps with improving your website ranking as duplicate content can actual lower you website’s authority on Google.
  • Make sure the content is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Mistakes throughout your content makes your site appear unprofessional which in turn will lead more people away from your website.
  • Showcase testimonials on your website to help show that your business is a reputable business. These are best positioned somewhere on the homepage.

Content is key to conversion and by putting the effort into it you can easily make it work in your favor.

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