How To Improve Your Easysite Website Performance



Websites are like cars they need attention. Never think your website is finished, you will always need to update content, add new pages and posts, not to mention, do some maintenance to improve your website performance.


If you own a website or are thinking of building a website you always need to look at ways to improve your website performance. The more you add content, update old stale content, and check your website performance and update it where necessary the more visitors and higher ranking your site will achieve.


In this article we are going show you a few ways on how to improve different areas of your website, such as website speed, SEO and conversion. Don't worry all the maintenance can be done in a few hours so don't panic its not a large project, just some quick and simple fixes.


Website Improvements For A Better Site

Run A Website Speed Test

Website speed is important. Slower loading websites have been know to rank lower in the search engines. Did you know 40 percent of users will leave a site that doesn’t load within three seconds. You should check and see if this applies your site.


One website that I use and would recommend to run a website speed test is Pingdom. It not only lets you test your site from several different locations but also gives you a lot more information about what slows it down.



Do A Mobile-Friendliness Test

Building a responsive website that's mobile friendly is important. If you have recently built your site is it mobile friendly? Doing a mobile friendly test is an important test is to check whether your site is mobile friendly.


Having a website that looks great on any device is very important. Google’s mobile friendly update it’s an integral part of running a website in terms of usability and SEO.



Check For Broken Backlinks

Broken links will harm your site. Having broken links not only upset your visitors as when clicked it takes them to a page that does not exist any more, its also bad for your website SEO.


The broken link checker will search your site page by page, post by post and give you a report of any broken links found. Using that report you can either remove the broken link on your site or replace them with a link that works.



Review/Update Older Content

Content is King. Ever heard that saying? Every second of everyday more and more content is added to websites. This means that old stale content rankings will slowly drop lower and lower on search engines as new updated content becomes available. To keep your pages high in the SERPs you need to remove and update old stale content that's no longer correct.


Updating older content is a great strategy to give your site a second wind. Google loves up-to-date stuff and rewards it with better positioning. So do your visitors. Take a few pages each day and see if the content, links and images are still relevant. Replace anything that's out of date.

New Content

Always try to add new content weekly on your blog or create new pages. Having a website with a great blog that you keep posting interesting articles on keeps visitors and search engines engaged. Its a great way to keep visitors coming back for more. That new content could get shared on social media bringing you loads more visitors.


The more attention and effort you put into your site the greater the reward. Remember if you require any help creating your website contact us. Or if you are looking to build your site yourself we welcome you to try build your site using Easysite here.

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