How To Design Your Own Company Website



The purpose of this article is to help people learn how to design a company website all by themselves so if you want some good advice on how to create your own web site or are thinking of making your own website you should read this first. Keep in mind that you won't need to purchase any software to design a website. If you have a browser and know how to use a mouse, you have all the tools that you need to design a business website. Now all you need is a site builder like Easysite to create your own site and get your business online.


how to design a website
How to design a website
We will discuss specific steps involved to help you design your own website online.


Today there are many different ways to design your own website online. Really, there are probably too many ways to create your own web site. It can be overwhelming to someone that is just learning how to design a company website. In some ways this is a good thing because there are so many choices when you're ready to design your own site, you need to find site builders that offer you a free trial that way you can try all the features the web building software has to offer before you buy.

Don't Get Confused And Frustrated When Creating Your Site Choose The Easy Way

On the other hand, having so many choices creates frustration and confusion. With this in mind, just consider all of the options that are out there to design a website.

There's thousands of books that can help teach you how to design a website. There are probably just as many software packages that can help you design your own website online, some free, some trial, and others offer money back.


There are hosting companies that will only be to happy to point you to their set of site building tools and website building software like WordPress, that can be very confusing to install and set up correctly.


Other considerations are the actual computer operating systems that can be used to design a website such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc. There's also the software to actually serve the webpages such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc. Not to mention database software, domain names, secure certificates and having a merchant account which you use to create your own web site.

As William of Ockham stated, "the simplest answer is most often the correct one." With this in mind, the simplest way to design your own website is to use an online site builder that offers some sort of free trial, this way you can try all the functions the web site builder has to offer before spending one dollar.


When you go in that direction, you know longer need books, a technical degree, special software or even your own server to learn how to design a business website.

Easysite Has Everything You Need To Create A Website You Can Even Try It Free For 30 Days

Everything you need to design your own website online, is built into the web page that you will use. The tools are not exclusive to businesses. You can also design a church website or other a website for an organization.

Another benefit to using an online site builder to design a website is that you no longer have the need to hire a web-developer. This saves you time and money, both of which are extremely important to a new business.


Besides that, when you design your own website using these tools you don't have to know anything about the code or programming that goes into making these systems work.


The people who have created the web page building systems have done all the hard work which makes the job of the site builder that much easier.

Imagine if you had to learn how to design a company website from scratch. If you were to take on that task, the first thing that you would have to learn is web programming.

What Is HTML And CSS

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. If you're a web consultant, you already know how to use HTML to create your own web site. It's the fairly basic language that describes how a web page should be rendered out.


CSS is also used to style different objects or elements of the page. CSS sits outside of the HTML page and works in conjunction with the HTML to style the page that is being displayed. The point of CSS (cascading style sheets) is to provide the styling template for a site.


For example, if you'd like every button on your site to have blue text, you could simply create a CSS rule to do this styling. If you needed to change the color at a later time, you could simply update the one CSS rule instead of editing all the individual buttons within an HTML page.

Beyond CSS, you would also use JavaScript while learning how to design a website.


This is the scripting language that every browser has built into it. With JavaScript, you can do simple math functions as well as manipulate the elements on the page. A higher level library that provides abstraction from JavaScript is JQuery. It is very popular because it makes doing things easier than JavaScript.


It also provides browser-specific functions so you can simply write one command and let the library worry about how to make the command work on every type of browser out there, even the older ones.

You might also need to learn how to use a photo-editing program like Photoshop. This will let you create the graphics that will be used on the page when you design your own website.


For the most part, you will export photographic images to JPEG format. Simple clipart type images will most likely be saved in GIF format. If you need transparency, you would probably export to a PNG format.

Once you have learned all those things, you've pretty much covered all the tools needed to know how to design a company website. That is you know how to design a website for the client side of things.


Client side means all the elements that actually live and work inside of the browser. The other side of is called the server side. This is where a website really lives and is "served" from.


When you learn about the server side, you can design a business website or use the knowledge to create online shop design and sell products online.

The server is actually just a computer that is ready and willing to serve the webpages. Programming is done on the server side as well as the client side.


For example if you want to learn how to design a school website, you might start by creating a database of the classes, teachers and students that attend the school. The code that will access the database is the server side code. This code can be embedded into the HTML page. When this is done the server side code is preprocessed or ran before the rest of the page is sent to the browser of the person visiting the site.


For example, once you know how to design a school website, you would create server side code that can look up all the students in a class and then display the student names and information on the page. This is called a dynamic website.

With this in mind, you would need to be able to write code in a server side language that the web server would be able to execute on the fly while rendering out a web page.


You would also have to know how to create a database to house the information you want to be rendered out on your pages.


For example with online shop design you would create a database of the products that you have for sale that includes the pictures of the products. Again all this is not for the faint of heart.

The Good News Is That With A Modern Online Site Builder All The Above Is Done For You, No Coding Knowledge Is Needed To Design Your Own Site

You can probably tell by now why good web developers get paid well and are pretty busy. This stuff just gets so confusing.

So that's the bad news. The good news is that with a modern online web builder, you can learn how to design a company website without having to know any of the above technical information. A web page builder that is online does all of the above by letting you design a website using just point and click features through an online application.


If you can use an online email application, then you are probably technical enough to use an online site builder. It's that easy.

If you search "how to design a company website" or "design a website" you will soon find many online site builders that you can use to design your own website.

Let's say you wanted to design your own website online. More than likely, you would simply use Google or another search engine to try out a few of these services.


Let's take for example how to design a website for a small business. If your business is selling products to customers from a physical location, imagine being able to have your store open online all the time, plus your store is simple a few clicks away from anyone in the world with Internet access.

Easysite's eCommerce Website Builder Makes It Simple And Fun To Create Your Own Website And Start Selling Products Online

This is what you get when you learn how to design a website with a site builder.

Easysite's eCommerce website builder makes it simple and fun to create your own website. Instead of becoming a computer nerd and learning a lot of technical stuff, you can simply sign up for a free trial and design your own website online within a matter of minutes.


If you are a small business owner looking for a way to sell your products online, you could simply activate the store page of your site, add an item by entering the item name, price and a picture or two.


Once this is done, your online store complete with shopping cart is live and ready to use by anyone online. It's nice that picture editing features are built right into the service.


The picture selector lets you crop, brighten and rotate pictures before you upload them. There are lots of other options as well. You can easily add inventory control or even options to the item.


For example, let's say you want an online store to sell shirts. Two options you might have for the shirts are the size and the color. With these selectors the customer can order exactly what they would like through the site. And because everything is point and click, you literally can have an online store up and ready in minutes.

In conclusion, if you want to learn how to design a company website there are basically two ways, the hard way and the easy way. We here at Easysite of course prefer the easy way.


Save time, money and be in control when you learn how to create a website using Easysite.

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