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This article will walk you through how to create an online store website. We'll also discuss the advantages to using an ecommerce website builder to help you get your online store up and running within minutes. Lastly, we'll also explain the step by step instructions to create an online store utilizing an easy eCommerce website builder solution. Remember that technology is always changing and these days just about anyone with a computer can learn how to create a store website. When you use one the best eCommerce website builder services, you don't have to know how to program or create site code, click here to create your online store using Easysite.


Create your online store using Easysite
Create your store using Easysite


Business owners today realize that they need to create an online store to sell their products and services online. The advantages to create your own store are fairly obvious even to people that are new to the Internet that will create an online shop for the first time. If you have a physical business location that is being used to sell products a great addition to your storefront would be an Internet location, open 24/7 all year round. The Internet location is your own small business website made with an eCommerce website builder.

Once you learn to create an online store you will be able to sell product or services at any time of the day, even when your physical location is closed for the day or even while you're asleep. The Internet is always on so your online store is always open for business. That's the first advantage to create online store. We can build it for you.

When You Create Your Own Online Store It's Available All Over The World People Can Buy Any Time Day Or Night

The next advantage to learning how to create online store website is that your site is available to anyone in the world that is on the Internet. Your potential customers are just about everyone. If you're a small business owner once create an online shop you should make sure that any customer that comes into your place of business has your URL or domain name before they leave your store. It's always easier to increase business from customers already have a relationship with you. Once you do this, customers can virtually return to your store using their computer, smart phone or tablet no matter where they're at. Practically tips for implementing this include: placing your site's address on receipts, business cards, informational cards, promotional flyers, email signatures, etc. The more place you list your site, the more likely you will be to have return visitors.


Its Easy To Add Products And Update Your Online Shop When You Use Easysite


Another advantage to create an online shop is how easy it is to update your online shop using ecommerce software within your browser. So let's say you own a t-shirt shop and you decide you want to change the prices of some of your inventory. With a physical location, you would print up new price tags and place them on the items for sale. With an easy eCommerce website builder, you simply log in and update the prices which will then be reflected instantly on your store site. Some of the best eCommerce website builder programs make the task of adding, deleting or updating products as easy to use as replying to an email.

The last advantage to create an online store is the exposure to social networking sites as well as search engines like Google. Think of this as free advertising. Once you learn how to create an online store website, search engines will eventually find your site and you will be listed according to what the search engine "thinks" of your store. Every week or more search engines will "crawl" your site to evaluate what you have to offer potential visitors. If you have valuable content with lots of information about the products you carry then you will be rewarded with higher ranking pages – links to your site will be displayed higher up in the search results pages. This is valuable and free and the best sites get this type of attention that brings in more visitors and results in more online sales.

How Do You Make Your Own Online Shop

So how do you create your own store? Initially you will want to evaluate some of the best eCommerce website builder sites. Once you pick an eCommerce website builder, you simply enter the information about the products that you sell into your eCommerce software. This is done without any code when you use an easy ecommerce website builder. These applications run within your browser and they make it easy to post pictures, prices and descriptions about the types of products or services that you offer online.

We believe that Easysite is the best eCommerce website builder available today. With the system you can literally create online store within a matter of minutes, watch a video and see how easy it is to build an online store. The first step to create an online shop is to sign up for the service. When you sign up you actually start with a free eCommerce website trial. This lets you evaluate the eCommerce website builder to make sure that it does everything you need it to do. Currently the free website trial is 30 days.

Once you sign up, you are dropped into the site that you're creating. Of course there are other pages that can be setup within the site, but to get going with the online store, you would simply go to the store page and create your first department for the online store page. Items are grouped into departments, so if you sell clothes you might start by creating a shirt department or a pants department.

Now that you have a department created, you see a link that you can use to add an item. Click this link to enter the specific information for a particular item that you want to sell. A dialog appears with many options. Use this dialog to enter the basic information, the name of the item, the price as well as a picture or two. Once you have filled out the item information, simply click the OK button to submit your item to the online store. Once this is done, the item is available for purchase within your site.

There a lot more options available when you add items. You can keep track of inventory, add options, add additional cost per the options selected, etc.

Lastly, you enter your PayPal account information into the store page. This instructs the page to let it know where to send the payment. Once you receive a payment PayPal will send you an email receipt so you know what has been order, the quantities as well as the address of the person to deliver items to.

Try The Easysite Site Builder Service Free For 30 Days Also Get A Free Domain When You Sign Up

If you need to learn to create a website or how to create a store website, we suggest that you try the Easysite site builder service. We believe that there is no easier way to create your own store complete with shopping cart and checkout. In fact, the service starts with a free website trial to let you evaluate the site. Plus, with this type of system to build a website there's no need to purchase a secure certificate or even for you to have a merchant account to process credit card payments since that is all handled by PayPal. Those two things alone can save you lots of time and money when you design a site using the online site builder. If you require any help or additional information please feel free to contact us, we are here to help.

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