How Important Is Responsive Website Design



Get your Responsive website from Easysite. Since the use of mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets is increasing, it is now clear that mobile devices are the means to surf the Internet, make purchases, pay bills, stay in touch with friends on social networks and that's why you should have a responsive website. In a nutshell, whatever the desktop computer could do, mobile devices can do now and that’s what calls for your website to be mobile-friendly.

The rapid mobile takeover of the aforementioned activities has made it even more important for small business websites to have a mobile-friendly website. Is it possible to have a website that is equally favorable for both desktop and mobile devices? It is. There is actually something called responsive web design which can handle visitors from desktop computers as well as mobile devices.


If you are thinking of creating a website make sure you create a responsive website that way no matter what device your visitor uses your website will look great.

What Is It Basically?

In simple terms, responsive design means that a website has been built to appear the same on every device. The images, content and structure of the website is the same regardless of which device it is being viewed on – desktop, Smartphone or tablet.


The website adjusts itself to fit the screen size of the device from which it is being accessed.



When you have a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about designing different versions of your site to fit the screen sizes of different devices. Responsive web design is basically a way to develop sites where the server always sends the same HTML to all the devices.


CSS is put to use for changing the way a web page is rendered on different types of display sizes.

How Beneficial Is It In Terms Of SEO?

If you are planning to switch to responsive web design, you will be able to cater to those who use their mobile devices to search for the product or service you offer. There are many major ranking factors for a site to be noticed by Google, and one of them is website quality.


If a user lands on a site through mobile search but the website is not optimised for mobile devices, the bounce rate will be higher than usual and therefore, chances are thin for the website to be ranked for mobile by Google.


The main culprit here is the poor user experience of the un-optimised website.

Though the battle of responsible websites vs. mobile versions of websites continues, many experts are of the opinion that responsive websites are actually better for SEO than mobile websites.


Mobile websites need to be optimised separately from desktop websites while responsive websites can be optimised across different devices.


Besides, creating a different website just for mobile devices is an issue of investment whereas having a responsible website is not. If you are going to make a website use a site builder like Easysite, that way you can be sure to have a responsive website and not have to create a separate mobile site.

Google Recommends Responsive Sites

Google commands the major share of the search market. And it prefers responsive websites because those are easy to crawl and index. Responsive web design also makes it easy for Google to organise the content that’s online.


Also, when there is just one website and one URL, it is very convenient for users to engage, share and interact with the content offered by the website. Google prefers that and when Google prefers something, you should pay attention to it.

Ready For The Future

Responsive websites are future-ready in the sense that they work smoothly across different devices out there. Having a responsive website is a safe bet for a long time to come.

Going responsive, no matter how small or large your audience is, is very important for attracting visitors and generate conversions. Instead of building and optimising three different versions of the same website, it’s a smarter choice to build one responsive website for desktops, tablets and Smartphones.

There are even analytics and testing tools available that help you optimise your site especially for mobile devices. So, if you are considering a website redesign, go for responsive.

It Lets You Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Staying ahead of your competition is extremely important for you as a business owner. So, if an increasing number of people are using their mobile devices to search for something similar to what you offer, it only makes sense that you would want to cater to that audience.


Responsive websites let you do that. As a matter of fact, more and more people today prefer one responsive website over different versions of the same website.

It is likely that your competitors are aware of that and they are developing their responsive websites right now. So, wait no more. We at Easysite will help you reap the benefits of a responsive website better and faster than your competition.


We will help you stay ahead of your competition, attract new customers and reap profits. Developing a responsive site is very easy with Easysite guiding you every step of the way.


You need no technical knowledge or IT background to build your own responsive website. Just get in touch with us and see how we can transform your website into a responsive one that’s guaranteed to generate more traffic and more conversions.


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