How Do I Create My Own Web Site



How do I create a web site? Most business owners understand that they need an online presence to help their business succeed. To do this they know they need to learn how to create a simple web site or hire someone else to do so. When a business is online it's able to reach customers and increase sales in ways that were never before available. Many business owners call to ask this very question, how do I create a web site? The easy answer is to create your own web site using an online website builder like Easysite. Really, this is the reason I created and launched Easysite almost 10 years ago.


how do i create my own web site
How to create your own website

I wanted to provide the tools that anyone could use to create a simple website. Initially launched as a family website builder, the underlying idea was that if mom can't use it then it's not easy enough. For most business owners that need to learn how do I create a simple web site online a website builder is the quickest way.

Step By Step Instructions To Create A Web Site

1) Visit Easysite and click the "Try It Now" or the "Sign Up" top link. This will take you into the sign up page where you can register to create your own web site.

2) Once you're on the sign up page, you fill out the sign up form with your name, email address and your contact phone number. (The phone number field is optional and is only used for free website technical support.) Also on this page, you enter a password with the service.

3) Once you click go you can create a simple web site using the online tools. This is important to understand. There are no other software packages or installations needed to build a web site. You simply use your browser and your mouse to create a simple web site.

4) The software is built in and you are greeted with a dialog that encourages you to call the toll-free phone number if you need help to learn how to make your own web site. This same dialog also points out the help section. So the three options at this point are: call in and have the free technical support team walk you through how do I create a web site, click the Help link or go through the software on our own without help or phone support. The help section is full of how to videos that show you exactly how to perform the most common task to make your own web site. These include, how do I change the look, how do I post pictures, how do I organize pages, how do I create a menu, etc.

I Want You To Try And Create Your Own Web Site

Really it's that easy to learn how to create a simple website. Those four steps are all you need. Some may still ask, "Ummm, so how do I create a web site?" Because it's so easy following the above steps to build it they don't believe that the web-site they create is a "real" full-featured web-site.


Believe me; the above steps walk you through everything you need if you are asking the question how do I create my own website. These are real, professional sites that are created. They load quickly. They are integrated into social network. They are setup just the way that Google and other search engines want them to be.


Besides all that, once you learn how to make a webpage, it's easy to log back into the site to post updates. For most small business owners, the most important consideration when they make a web site is how it's going to index or show up on search engines, like Google.


Most business professionals understand that new customers can find your business for the first time by doing searches online. If you website is made in such a way that it's easy for search engines to go through your site and 1) understand what your site is about 2) access unique and relevant content about your business 3) find the underlying meta data that describes your pages succinctly then you will be rewarded with higher rankings.


There are lots of other factors that go into getting high rankings but the biggest factor to getting good rankings on search engines is to have high-quality, relevant content that is updated often.

How To Create A Web Site Free

We have all heard the saying that there's no such thing as a free lunch. The same holds true for how do I create a web site online. You usually get what you pay for. One large online builder that lets people create a website free was Geocities. Unfortunately, they are no longer around. Because the service was free, they were free to shut it down when they could no longer support a free service.


We caution against choose a builder based solely on the price. If you go with a free option most likely, the service that you go with will place ads on your pages, own any content that you post to the service, and worse yet, they could actually selling your personal information to companies that want to market products to you.

Easysite is actually an easy way for people to learn to how to create a web site free because every website starts with a 30-day trial. What's nice about this is that there's no obligation to purchase, after the free trial. In fact, they don't even require a credit card when you sign up and it will automatically cancel at the end of the free trial.


Other services actually require a funding source upfront and if you forget to cancel you're on the hook for a year of service. Not so with Easysite.

In Conclusion

Once you've complete the four steps above to make your own website, you really do have a professional website. Again, you must fill out the pages that you have with what is called "content." Content is simply unique and relevant information regarding your area of expertise. Don't skimp on creating content and do not copy and paste information from other blogs. This is plagiarism and it will get you in trouble with search engines faster than anything else. Remember when you do create a web site, you need quality content.

Really, it makes sense. Let's talk about this for a little bit. You use search engines for phrases like "how do I create a web site" or "how to create a simple web site". You are then directed to pages that have the most relevant content for the search phrases that you're look for.


So if I searched for - how do I create a web site Google would return websites that relate to how do I create a web site.


If you make a website with no original content on it. Why would the search engines direct someone to it if there is nothing of value on it?

A while ago I helped a local bicycle shop. The owner called up and asked the question that I always get, how do I create a web site? We explained to them the different ways to create a web site online.

I ended up using Easysite, because it was simple to use and very inexpensive to start. Compared to hiring a web-developer or a designer, the owner of the bicycle shop was going to literally save thousands of dollars. Plus, once it was up, the owner of the shop created logins for his employees.

Once the employees logged in, they could update it with new bikes, product information, specials, etc.

A few weeks passed when we received a phone call from one of the employees at the shop. They explained that they were disappointed that they were not seeing their website show up well on search engines and they were wondering if there was something wrong with the website builder.


After searching their new website it became obvious to us why they were not being rewarded by the search engines. They had only posted one bicycle on the home page.


The point of this story is, if you're a bike shop then create a web site that contains bikes. If you're a real estate agent then create a web site that has houses for sale on it. If you're a zoo then create a web site with animals on it.

Make a website that you would want to visit. Ask yourself, if I were to just happen to come across my own web site would I find it interesting enough to stick around and read through some of the pages? If not, then don't expect the search engines to recommend your site to their audience.

So how do I create a web site? look no further than Easysite. It's a simple way for small business owners to get online and make a website. It also comes with all the tools you need to build your own website.

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