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What are the Best Free Website Builders? When it comes to choosing one of the many website builders available today on the Internet, there are important issues to think about. Many of these issues are not very obvious. Some Internet professionals would say this is by design and that companies that offer free website builders would rather have visitors just sign up blindly rather than investigate the truth about free website builders and hosting.


In This Article We Take A Look At How To Build A Free Online Website Using One Of The Many Website Builders That Are Readily On The Internet


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What's The Point Of Building A Free Website That Is Not Going To Work - You Get What You Pay For


To begin with, who doesn't like free? Aren't the best things in life free? We're going to look at this question closely when it comes to free web hosting and free domain names. When you search for free website builders there are many listings that come up – Really, far too many to cover in a single article. The companys that come up immediately are Wix, Weebly,, Yola, etc. All these companies claim to offer free website building programs. They freely use the term "free" to capture searchers attention. Once you dig a little deeper and pull back the free curtain, there's a different story with these website builders.

So is free just a hook or is there really value to be found in these website builders? First, off none of the companys that appear in the searches for free web hosting and free domain are nonprofit companies. That's not a bad thing, but when it comes to free website builders and hosting it simply means at some point these companies will need to make money to pay for their easy site builders. They have their own bills to pay and they aren't going to be able to do so by simply offering free website builders. They have employees that they have to pay. They have servers that bandwidth that they have to pay for. They have to pay support staff to answer questions. They have to pay the rent for their offices, etc. Every business has business expenses, even top site builders.


Many Of These Companies Offer Good Site Builders


Many of these companies really do offer good site builders. They are easy site builders that anyone can use to create a website. So what's the catch? The problem is that at some point these web site builders have to make money to pay their bills. They can do this many different ways and not all of them are as obvious as simply charging a small fee after visitors build a free online website.

Some companies follow the Facebook model. That is, they offer their service for free but make money by placing ads on their own ads on customers' websites. Advertisements are displayed on the site. These ads are place into the site code by the website building software and are viewed by visitors to your site. Revenue from these ads is collected by the companies that offer domain and web hosting to unsuspecting customers.

Some of these same companies that offer free website building programs will also sell their users' personal information to other companies for the purposes of marketing products to unsuspecting users. These marketing offers can come in the form of emails, telephone solicitations as well as direct mail. If you read the terms and conditions to some of these companies that offer website building programs, you'll find out rather quickly how expensive free can be. We suggest that you read the terms and conditions for any company you choose to build a website with. You may be surprised by how much of your rights and privacy you can agree to give up simply by signing up.

They Collect All Sorts Of Personal Information On You

The more information these companies collect about you, the more valuable the information becomes to companies that want to target you with advertisements and marketing. This is exactly the path that social media sites have taken. They collect all sorts of personal information on you then sell it to the highest bidder. This is how they are able to offer their "free" service. It's not exactly free when once you understand how these companies make money. The same is true for free-website-builders.

Another popular strategy that companies offer are free website building programs use is call "freemium." A company that follows this strategy will typically offer something that seems too good to be true, such as free website builders and hosting. Freemium simply means that potential customers start with a free service and from there they are quickly converted to a paid level of service. This is not the same as a free trial, in that the initial free website service that was offered should not expire after a certain time period. The user of the free website builder can use the domain and web hosting for as long as they like. The problem becomes apparent to the user of the website builders when they "bump their head" as they design a website. What's meant by this is that with a freemium level of web site builders, you will most likely very quickly run into a limitation of the website building software. Once this happens, the company that initially offered free web hosting and domain will happily let you purchase an upgraded site plan to let you get past the obvious limitation of the site builder.

If you sign up for one of the good site builders, you're sort of stuck with this model. The online company knows that you have already invested time and effort into one of their easy site builders. After you have signed up and learned how to use their website building software they are betting that you'll want to upgrade to a paid level rather than have to deal with switching and having to learn another free-domain and web hosting system.

After our own research we found many companies offer free website builders. All were limited in their functionality. Many of them placed ads on generated sites or had the right to promote products to the users of their free website builders and hosting. One of the particularly nefarious web site builders allowed users to sign up for a dollar a month. The price quickly climbed after the first year of service and the site builder was very limited in what it could do by design in order to funnel the user into purchasing a higher level of service.

Other services to make a website were so limited that we had to consider them to be useless. For example, some of the free web site builders would not let you use a domain name with the initial service level. To us, if you can't use a domain name with a website then we would not even consider that to be a real website. These services work by offer a unique page or sub domain off of their service for example, you could sign up for Some services only offered ecommerce website building with the higher level paid service. If you have products to sell online with an online store and online shopping cart, the free level of service for these easy site builders would not work for your needs.

So what are the best free website builders? Wix, Weebly, Our suggestion is to go ahead and try them out. Using the information in this article you should be able to see through these companies that offer free website builders. When you're done trying out their website building programs that are available, we want you to come back to Easysite and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

How Is Easysite Different?

At Easysite we stay away from bait and switch methods with our customers. Easysite offers the most easy and simple to use website builder available. In fact, Easysite guarantees to be the easiest way to create a website. Plus the business model is simple, we offer the best small business website design builder out there at a low monthly price.

Everyone who signs up with Easysite starts with a 30 day free website trial. This is a no obligation trial. Users can cancel at any time and there's no payment information needed at the time of sign up. In fact, after the trial time, sites are automatically canceled so there is no chance that you'll be billed for something that you don't want to use.

Easysite will never sell your personal information to other companies. Also, Easysite will never place ads on your website (even while the site is being evaluated during the initial free trial.)

Easysite also currently offers one simple plan that includes everything you need to design a website. It's is the easy way to make a website. Plus once you decide to purchase your site, Easysite gives you a free domain name to use with the site web site that you create. Unlike other companies the domain name isn't a trick to keep you locked into using and paying for the Easysite website building service. You can transfer the domain name that Easysite gives you to use with any other service should you choose to discontinue your service with Easysite. No holding customers' domain name hostage. Easysite treats customers that way that they would want to be treated.

Beyond the best and easiest site builder and a free domain name, the Easysite service also includes unlimited visitors using top-level hosting and bandwidth. Every Easysite comes with all the tools needed to create a professional business web site, including everything needed to create an ecommerce web site in minutes. So if you want to know how do I create a web site try Easysite. Service also includes daily backups and updates to the site building software.

Best of all Easysite offers free telephone and email support to all customers, even customers that in in the trial. The free telephone support is toll-free at 877 832-7974. Email support can be contacted using Easysite really does care about their customers. They're passionate about helping their customers create amazing websites that get the attention of search engines, like Google and sites that are created from the ground up to integrate directly with social media sites.

If you're looking for a simple way to create a website, look no further than We make it easy for anyone to create their own web site online.

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