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Thinking of building your own website? Then you need to make sure your new site is responsive. Building a responsive website is a must when it comes to creating websites. The World is different. We now have smartphones and tablets and they are here to stay. Long gone is the idea that users only browse on one type of device that's why you need a responsive website design.


There are over 2 billion smart phone users in the World and this number goes up daily. People use their smartphones to surf the internet all the time if you have a website and its not responsive you could be loosing out. Visitors will leave your site if its not mobile friendly. You need to transfer your content onto a mobile friendly website builder like Easysite.


It’s important to consider your customers website experience when they visit your site. Your site should adjust depending what device its viewed on and always look great, that's why you should choose Easysite to build your website.

Its Been 5 Years Now

Its been 5 years now. Most webmasters would have 2 websites one for the computer and one for mobiles, until responsive website design was thought of. The main website would have a code and if you visited the website on a mobile the website would switch to the mobile version. If you are still on this method you need to update and start building a responsive website.


Companies and organizations that still do not take into account that their visitors browse on mobile devices and just not desktops need to wake up. Companies must ensure that their websites adapt to the screens of various devices. In 2017, there’s no reason to not have a responsive website, especially due to the ever expanding list of device types.

How Many Users Use Mobile Compared To Desktops

Your website that you are going to build using Easysite will work on computers, iPads, Mobiles and any device its viewed on. This is great news for you as its estimated that 44% of traffic comes from desktop, and 56% comes from mobile devices and other devices.


Sales have decreased in the last 5 years of PCs but in 2017 we saw a surprising rise in figures, could PCs be making a comeback? Time will tell. Another thing to think about is that people don’t tend to upgrade their computers as much as their smartphones. Smartphones usually have a few years before they either need an upgrade, or Apple releases something fancy that you have to get your hands on. Desktops tend to have a longer life and don’t require such updates.

Why Do We Need Responsive Websites?

If you don't have a responsive website you could be missing out on a lot of business. Visitors coming to your site will hit the back button and visit another site if your site is not responsive. Scrolling left to right or having to zoom in to try view your site will upset visitors.


Having a responsive website will also help your sites ranking in Google. Google loves websites that are responsive and work just as well on mobile devices as on desktop. This will help you rank higher in Google searches, and instantly increase your chances of beating your competition whos sites are not responsive.


There’s no excuse not to have a responsive website, especially as website builders like Easysite have all the tools required to start building a responsive website design from the comfort of your home or office.

Things To Think About When Creating A Responsive Website

The first thing you need to do is find a website builder that has responsive templates. That way when your site is made it will look great no matter what device its viewed on.


Next plan your visitors journey. Think about your layout, menus and how visitors will find important pages on your site. Think mobile it’s easier to expand up from mobile sized screens to larger desktop screens. If something is not necessary on mobile, is it necessary on larger screen sizes?


Your website will rank better on Google search results when you have a responsive website design. Google has crawled the web from a desktop browser point of view, now Google is changing that to crawl the web from a mobile browser view. If that view has less content on pages than the desktop version of your website, then Google will potentially assign it a lower value or authority, and ultimately lead to a lower ranking in search results. This is why Google recommends a responsive approach — the content is the same for each page from your mobile to your desktop site.

Whats Next?

Sign up and start building your responsive website using Easysite. We do not require any credit or bank card details. Its quick its simple you have 30 days to try all the features and see exactly how our site builder works. If you need any help to create your website please contact us to find out more.

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