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Today its important to build a mobile friendly website. The World is changing in 2017 and people not only use computers to view websites they now use lots of other devices. If your website is not mobile friendly you could be missing out.


In this article we are going to talk about mobile website design, as recommended by Google, so that your business can start benefiting from its mobile traffic instead of turning it away.


Here at our templates are all mobile friendly. This means that when you build a website or online store (Ecommerce software is included for free. No upgrade needed) using Easysite you do not have to worry what it will look like on other devices. Your website will look great on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.


All you have to do is sign up for free. Select your template, add your content and press publish. Easy as that our website building software will create the perfect responsive website. A website that looks and feels great on any device. Easy as that. That's why its called Easysite!

Don't Make A Separate Mobile Website

Never have 2 websites with the same content. This is bad for SEO. Google will see one website has copied content and punish that site. So if your site is not responsive (mobile friendly) Don't think that the solution is to build a mobile website.


Google also punishes sites that are not mobile friendly. This means that if you have a website that's not mobile friendly or you use a website builder that does not have mobile friendly templates you are going to have problems when it comes to Google ranking your website. And don't forget those visitors that visit on a mobile phone they will just leave.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Use Easysite to build your mobile friendly website
Use Easysite to build your mobile friendly website


If your site is not mobile friendly check here and you are looking to get it updated why not build a mobile friendly site using Easysite. And transfer your content across to your new Easysite website. You get 30 days to try our website builder use that time to transfer your content. Once all your content is moved, let us know and we will point your domain at Easysite. That way you won't have any down time.

Why Use Easysite To Create A Website

Easysite is your one stop friendly website builder that lets anyone create a website even if they have no previous web design or coding knowledge. You have 30 days to try Easysite. No credit card details required. Just fill in the form below and press the get started button.


You get a free domain name, reliable fast web hosting, shopping cart software and website builder. Everything you need to create your own website, or create an online shop.




Free domain name or add a domain you already own.
Fast reliable hosting with backup that won't let you down.
A easy to use easy to understand website builder that does all the coding.
SEO friendly software so your website ranks high in those search results.
Shopping cart software with unlimited products. Sell 10 items or 10 000 you won't pay more.
Top level support when you need it. We even offer a free call back to assist and guide you while you set up your site.


If you would like to try create your own mobile friendly website then fill in your information below and get started. Or call us on (877) 832-7974 to find out more.

What Is A Mobile Friendly Website

What does "mobile friendly" mean? When you know what mobile friendly means it may help you to understand how it applies to your website.


A website that is mobile friendly is a website that has been designed, developed and optimized to work on lots of different mobile devices. It does not matter what mobile device its viewed on it will adjust and give the user the best experience possible. With more and more people using their mobiles to search the web your site must be mobile friendly.


Navigation: You no longer have the full menu across the page when viewing on a mobile device. The navigation has been simplified. In most cases a navigation button replaces the menu. When clicked a drop down menu will appear.

Design: A good responsive template will have features that remove, simplify and compress the design when viewed on mobile devices.

Content: Content will not be side by side. Instead it will fall under each other. In other words a 3 column website will be a single column website when seen on a mobile.

Phone Numbers: Phone numbers are setup for click to call functionality. This means that as soon as the visitor clicks on the phone number it will ask him does he want to make the call. Replying yes and the call will be made. This saves the visitor having to type the phone numbers in and making the call.

Addresses: Addresses are setup to use the device’s map functionality or Google earth.

Lets Look At A Non Friendly Mobile Website

To help you understand we could look at a non friendly mobile site. A non friendly mobile site we would expect to find:


Lots Of Scrolling: When you view a website that is not mobile friendly you will have to do a lot of scrolling (left to right, top to bottom) images will be large and you will only see parts of the image. Also its difficult to read the text content, you will need to scroll left to write.

Navigation: The menu will be to small to click with your finger without hitting multiple options at the same time.

Phone Numbers: Nothing happens when you click on phone numbers.

Addresses: No maps work.

Its A Pain: Its a pain and frustrating trying to view a website that is not mobile on a mobile device. Your visitors will move off to another site that is mobile friendly.

What's The Solution?

If you own a website that's not mobile friendly and you are looking for a way to rebuild it or would like to build a new website then why not try Easysite. If you would like to find out more please call us (877) 832-7974 or use the chat with us button bottom right.

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