6 Smart Tricks That Will Help Your New Easysite Website Rank



If your thinking of building a website using Easysite you need to read this article on 6 smart tricks that help your new Easysite website rank better.


If you're trying to become a blogger, SEO might sound a bit intimidating, but it's not as hard as you might think. In today's digital marketing, it's all about organic search, which makes an SEO expert a very important marketing role. So what is SEO? Once someone hits a search button, search engines start communicating with the content related to it. SEO is what makes search engines understand what that content is about, thus recommending your website to the users. Here we'll go through some easy tips that will help you become a skilled SEO expert.


Choosing The Right Website Builder

When it comes to building a website its like buying a car. You need to know what's under the hood. A good website builder has all the tools required to build your website and will be designed to be light weight and fast loading. Website builders that have loads of scripts will only slow the loading time of your website down and effect rankings and load times for visitors. Here at Easysite.com we know this and have created a super fast loading website builder with reliable fast hosting. This will improve your website performance.


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Optimizing Your Page

There's a number of steps you can take in order to optimize your page for the keywords you wish the page to rank for.


  • URL - Make sure that the name of your website indicates the service or content that you're offering. One glance at your URL from visitors or search engines alike, and they should know what your web page offers.
  • Keywords - The important thing here is to research the keywords and find that golden balance between competition levels and traffic returns.
  • Meta descriptions - Describing your pages will have a major impact on whether someone will actually enter your site when it pops-out, or just plain ignore it. Use a keyword here because this is what people are most likely going to read.

Link Building

This is a process of getting other websites to link to your site. Think of it as a recommendation type of thing, or a vote. The more votes your site gets from good quality sites the better it will rank on Google.


If your site wasn’t relevant, why would so many websites be linking to it? Avoid buying cheap backlinks, as they can damage your site. It's also much better for your ranking to have one quality link, rather than 500 cheap irrelevant links. Inform yourself about the current relationship between Google and link building and act accordingly.

Website Content

It doesn't matter how good you are at SEO, if you're not producing high-quality content you will lag behind your competitors who are. Professionals are hired all the time to improve the content of websites, and you shouldn't shy out of it either if you really want to have a high-quality website.


And do remember that the word content doesn't only cover written text, but also images, videos, blog posts, discussion threads etc. If you are always making an effort to create content that will genuinely be useful to people, the chances are you'll not only get new visitors but also keep the old ones too.


Content is King. Search engines like Google love a website that keeps adding new content, it helps keep the site alive. Its important to post new articles if you want to get noticed by Google and other search engines.

SERP - Reaching The Top

The vast majority of the web pages that do reach the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are being managed by SEO professionals who know exactly how to improve your ratings. Even if you have a great content, but poor SEO management, it just doesn't matter because your content won't be seen. Not to mention that SEO trends are changing on daily basis, which makes it extremely time-consuming to keep up with. This is why people are hiring SEO experts like Agseosydney to do the heavy lifting for them. They'll do a detailed audit of your web page and come up with solutions on how to improve your rank.

Using Social Media To Your Advantage,

Whatever your opinion on social media is, today it's imperative to work with them if you want to rank better. Do everything you can to make sharing your content as easy as possible, by inserting all the icons for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to your web pages. And make sure they're visible, simply because shares can bring you tons of traffic. And that's not all because you should be present on the social media as well, thus building up your brand. This will, again, increase the traffic to your website.


Becoming an SEO expert takes a lot of time and dedication, but with these simple tips you can start improving today. Ask yourself, how many times a day you run a search and end up on a third, or fourth page? Even if it does happen for you, it's very rare for most of the people out there. The era of smartphones has further enhanced this, as now almost 70% of search hits are on the top of the first page. The best thing about SEO is that you can start tweaking it today and see the results of your work at the end of several weeks.

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