10 SEO Tips To Increase Website Traffic



SEO is a sensitive process that can either make or break your business. Efficient steps should be taken carefully for successful search engine rankings. While starting a business, there are many questions popping up regarding the implementation of SEO.


How to promote your website? From where to begin? What steps should be taken? How to select a design? How to rank high?


In this article, we have listed some of the fascinating tactics that would help in building a strong SEO foundation.

1.Navigation and URL Structure

The navigation of your web pages should be definite. While structuring a website from scratch, ensure you plan a hierarchy which gives a clear-cut idea of a website. Organize your website navigation in such a way that it flows swiftly from home page to several subpages.


Likewise, URL (Uniform Resource Locator) structure should be SEO-friendly. URL is a source that identifies the resource and the agenda to retrieve it. Only meaningful and straightforward URLs would help you get recognized by the search engines. Structure your URL in such a way that the website navigation is clearly portrayed. For example www.abcdefg.com/services/aboutus. This URL depicts definite navigation of the website.

2.Content Development

It is a fact that 80% of Google search comes with a query. To build up a strong SEO foundation, it requires creating useful and informative content. A popular phrase “Content is King” goes perfectly in building SEO foundation for a website. Focus on creating powerful content with distinct keywords to reach the mass. When more and more people end up their query through your web content, your website traffic would boost up. Moreover, never use duplicate content in order to avoid penalty.


Robots.txt is a text file that is added on your website to instruct search engine robots from where to crawl and which pages to be indexed. It becomes necessary on your part to check that this text file doesn’t disallow or block the search engine from visiting your site. If you’d allow the search engine to crawl your website, then only it would data base your web pages.


Metadata is a collection of all other descriptive data. It is basically a communication channel between your site and search engine. Get your website identified by comprising few metadata functions such as Title tags, Image Alt tags, Meta description.


Title Tags


Title tag is a title of an HTML. It is the most critical fragment to both SEO and user experience. Therefore, it plays a vital role in search engine rankings of your website.


Description Tags


A brief description added under this Title tag is termed as the Meta Description. As this description gives an idea of your site’s page, maintain a precision.


Alt Tags


Alt Tag is an alternative attribute used to add few textual context on the unreadable component. As we all know Google can’t read the images, Alt tags are applied in order to allow the search engine to crawl through images.

5. Social Media Buttons

Today, Social Media is an important channel that performs well in online marketing. Adding social media links on your website would be beneficial in the rankings. Additionally, social presence would help you get recognized and apparently move forward in quick link building. This way you can improve rankings in search results by simply linking social profiles on your websites.

6. Web-Design

The foremost thing that attracts the most on a website is it’s design. Website design reflects the quality of your website. So, it is essential to get your website designed by a professional. Design in such a way that it is alluring and accessible both to provide the best user experience.

7. Mobile Optimization

Make sure that users visiting your website through their mobile devices and tablets can use it well. This is possible by designing your website as mobile friendly in order to access it on any screen size. As people spend more and more time on their mobile, it is so obvious that they would search through mobile. If your website is well optimized for mobile searches, then it would greatly improve your website rankings.

8. Loading Speed

Designing a website in a perfect manner is not an end. Design it in such a way that it takes the least time to load. Though graphics on a website attracts the most, but it takes more loading time. This negative point can’t be ignored as it affects the bounce rates of a website.

9. 301 Re-directs

A 301 re-direct is an enduring shift that passes from 90-99% of link juice to the new page from an old one. In short, if you make any alterations to the website, then it is necessary to redirect it to the new page.

10. HTTP 404 Error Page

The HTTP 404 is an error page that occurs when searched URL is unavailable on the website or have been removed. Generate a proper 404 not found error page to direct your user to the home page.


Search Engine Optimization plays a major role when you make a website. Before commencing the SEO process for your brand, simply take a glance into these techniques and SEO’s successful results are guaranteed. This way you can drive traffic to your website. As a result, it would apparently boost up your business by ranking high in search engines. Sometimes it may be better to HireSEOAgency to get some good SEO advice.

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