Written & Photo Selection by Committee Members Raymond Vinole & Aditya Kadam (D.A.)


In celebration of the official launch of USA Outrigger on January 1st, 2014, Founder & Chairman, Raymond Vinole, & Committee Member, Aditya Kadam, have created an Inaugural piece of Artwork to highlight the start of a USA National Team tradition.

The "FLY AMA FLY" artwork combines the passion of USA Outrigger and our National bird, the Bald Eagle, full of the boundless spirit of freedom, is found near large bodies of open water, strong and powerful in his might.

Each image is carefully reproduced to the highest standards so that the image you bring into your home radiates the same brilliance of the original.

Limited release of "FLY AMA FLY"

Measures approximately 11"H x 16"L

Each image is carefully reproduced using the finest materials

Includes a USA Outrigger "Affiliate Partner" membership

Your minimum donation of $50 is tax deductible


"FLY AMA FLY" Written & Photo Selection by Raymond Vinole & Aditya Kadam




May you FLY your AMA as swiftly as an eagle surfing the spectacular ocean waves...
May you GLIDE through the water vigorously & elegantly like the great Niagara Falls...
May your ENERGY levels seem as limitless as an asteroid zooming across the universe...
May your STRENGTH be like that of a majestic roaring lion & thunderous booming volcano..
May the SYNERGY of your team spirit be like the stars placement in the heavens above...
May your JOURNEY be guided & protected by our magnificent God.


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